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News from Bartlett's Farm 
April 5, 2017
Now Open Sundays!
The farm is open Every Day 8-6
(We will be closed on Easter Sunday)
Food Demo
APRIL 8 AT 11 AM and Noon
Join us in the market for a special treat!
Local fisherman Steve Bender will prepare one of his favorite recipes: Pasta limone e cozze.
There will be two at 11am and one at noon.
He’ll also share a copy of his recipe and samples of the dish.
FREE for everyone! Seating is limited.

The Garden Center is Open!

All the soils and mulches have arrived and if you're dying to get started, check out this website from Coast of Maine products. There's a great video on how to use 'Enriching Mulch, and there's a calculator you can use to find out how much mulch you need to buy to cover a specific area. PLUS! Enriching Mulch is on sale this week!

Regularly $13.99, now buy one get one free!


We have cool weather window box material like ranunculus, primroses and pansies so you can get your containers ready for Daffodil Day

Do you have Endless Summer Hydrangeas? If so, it's a good time to prune, but don't go prune without watching this very helpful video first! 

April is Free Re-potting Month!
Starting Saturday, you can bring out your overgrown and root-bound houseplants and we will re-pot them for free
with the purchase of a new pot!
And our Farm Grown Organic Herbs are in the market!  English Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Sage, Oregano are available now, and more are still tucked away all snug in their greenhouses. We will bring them out when they are ready to face the elements!
Time to start seeds! And we are carrying your favorite brands! We are in that magical time of
"6-10 weeks before last frost"
so if you don't have your garden planned, it's definitely time to start!

Wine Sales Are Back

Our wine selection (curated by Leah Mojer) places an emphasis on small, dynamic growers and producers who reflect the values and methods with which we farm our land and interact with our community. 

New this year - look for labels with colored borders to indicate the type of growing and producing practiced by the vineyard! Blue for sustainable farming, and green for biodynamic and organic farming!
New This Week...AVAL craft cider!  
Here's a little information to find out what the buzz is about!

“NEW YORK, NY (FEBRUARY 29, 2016) – America’s cider craze continues thanks to AVAL, the latest craft cider to hit the Vermont market. Translating to apple in Breton, the traditional language of France’s Bretagne province, AVAL is exclusively brewed on a family-owned farm in the region that’s been making cider for more than 1,000 years. And now, serious drinkers stateside can taste for themselves what all the buzz is about — and why Brittany (Bretagne in English) has been dubbed cider heaven by industry experts. A delightful, subtly sweet combination of four kinds of organic apples (acidic, bitter, bittersweet and sweet), AVAL is not made from concentrate and uses no added sugars or sweetener — just pure apple juice, harkening back to the way cider should be made.”
Find AVAL cider in the wine department!

Easter is Right Around The Corner!

And we have some cool Easter products to help you make more sustainable choices for this year's basket!

Eco eggs are made from plants, with 100% renewable content vs traditional petroleum-based plastic.

The 'grass' is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper! 

Safe for kids and easy on our pocketbooks...we love this product and know you will too!


New In the Market!

Entube Chili Paste in three flavors: Harissa, Plum Paste, and Indian Curry.

From their website...Our Mission at Entube is to reinvent age-old ethnic flavors from around the world and create exciting modern flavor bombs for the global kitchen.
Entube products are designed to trigger a culinary journey, empowering anyone to become a chef.
Nantucket Fresh Catch!
The fish counter in the market will now be open
12-6 Wednesdays through Sundays
Featuring Joan's excellent selection of fresh, regional,
and locally caught seafood.
Coming up...

4/8 10 am in the Hayloft...Herbal Wellness Consultation
with Danica Connors. Click here for details!
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

4/15 Easter Egg Hunt in the Garden Center -
For children up to 5 years old.