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Issue 2 Volume 8 August 2009
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The Three C's
Is it All Right to Win?
Endless Power and Endurance
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 The Three C's of SuccessEugene Bleeker
by Eugene Bleecker, Owner and President of Pro Grip, Inc. 
COMMITMENT to becoming a COMPLETE PLAYER = CONFIDENCE in your abilities. This concept is something I developed and preach to my players.  This idea can be incorporated into any program and will drive your players towards achieving their goals.  If they Commit themselves to becoming Complete Baseball players, in turn they will develop the Confidence that is necessary to succeed on the field. Read Article
More Than ERA 
Improve Your Pitchers' Performances!
Already tracking pitches? Turn that data into meaningful information. Using More than ERA™ to evaluate your pitchers performance will give you valuable information that you can use to work with them on the performance aspects of playing baseball. Helps you to help them in developing a better mental approach, spot game situations where they need to improve and have a game plan when they go to the mound.  Learn More
 Brian GottaIs it All Right to Win? 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Winning seems to have gotten a bad name. Gradually, over the past decades, it appears that our youth sports culture has become less competitive and more concerned with fairness and with kids always feeling good about themselves.  And while over-zealous parents and coaches can, and often do, ruin the sports experience for youngsters, has the pendulum swung too far the other way? Read Article
Pitch Count Watch
The Baseball Coach's Wristwatch
Nothing is talked about more these days in youth baseball than pitch-count. And nothing helps to make sure you've always got a pitch-counter handy better than the PitchCount Watch! Tracks two pitchers simultaneously, stopwatch function and more! You'll love it! Learn More

 Maintain Endless Power and Endurance Barry Lovelace
By Barry Lovelace, Fitness Professional 

To drastically improve your 'cardio', as many put it, I highly suggest concentrating on your Energy System Development. ESD = the heart, lungs and endurance system. Whether or not this system is functioning at a high level can make all the difference when it comes to athletics. As any coach knows, it doesn't matter how well trained or mentally prepared an athlete is if they lose endurance and power during competition. Here are some great ways to easily yet drastically improve the Energy System Development of your athletes. Read Article