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May 4, 2011


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Chef Talk This Saturday

Amber Cantella Leah

Spring is here, and it's time for a seasonal wine, meat and cheese tasting with
Amber Cantella, owner of Epernay Wines and Leah Mojer, our own charcutier.
Leah is proud to introduce many new humanely raised meats and local regional cheeses, and Amber has been preparing all winter by sampling the latest wines from vineyards
around the world.

Saturday, May 7 at NOON.

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Around the Farm

The daffodil show over the weekend was absolutely gorgeous! The Nantucket Garden Club has found their new venue, and declared it a success. We're already looking forward to next year.

daffodil show

As soon as the daffodils and props were removed from the garden center, it 'magically' began
filling up with summer flowers! Geraniums and all kinds of summer annuals are inside, while perennials are outside. Lots of organically certified,
farm-grown herbs are ready to go in the garden
(that is, if your garden is prepared!)

If you're looking for inspiration for Mother's Day,
Kat has made and decorated some gorgeous, flowered cupcakes.

Flower Cupcakes

Some cupcakes and a beautiful bunch of flowers for the table would make her smile!

There are also pots of mixed flowers in the garden center that might just look great on the deck. Or, bring in your empty pots and let our Blooming Creations team of designers plant them with her favorite long-blooming annuals, unusual perennials, a themed herb garden-in-a-pot, or even some vegetables. Our Blooming Creations department will plant Perfect Pots...painlessly!
And that goes for window boxes, too!

window box

If you're not sure about this whole pot planting thing, how about a

Bartlett's Farm Gift Certificate that Mom can use for anything?

Pain D'Avignon breads, bagels and croissants are available now. Croissants are brought in on Fridays and Saturdays, while bagels and bread are available Wednesday through Saturday.
Get a bagel toasted (add cream cheese or salmon, too) at the lunch counter, or have a
breakfast sandwich, freshly made with eggs and your choice of bacon, ham and cheeses!

If you're making dinner for Mom, choose some humanely raised meats from North East Family Farms. Boneless pork chops, ground sirloin, top sirloin and more are in the meat counter.
The farmers are so proud of their products, the name of the farm where the meat is raised is right on each package. If Mom's a vegetarian or a vegan, try the Divine Burger. They are so delicious, they are not just for vegetarians! They're in the freezer section.

Save The Dates

May 14: Farm Talk: Fran Kartunnen Makes Tamales and introduces her culinary memoir. 10am

May 17, 24 and 31: Chris Hestwood's Deer-proof plant walk. 10am in the garden center

May 21: Farm Talk: Heather Poire of Proven Winners 10am

May 28: Farm Talk: Liliana Dugan, Nantucket Pasta Goddess 10am
June 21: Spring Celebration Vendor Day

June 28: 11AM: C.L. Fornari in the Garden Center

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