Last Chance for Great Deals in The Garden Center!
There are still plenty of great roses, lilac bushes, raspberry, blackberry and elderberry bushes, hostas, vibernum and so much more at 75 % OFF!!!! Last chance to take advantage of these plants before they are gone for good!
Calling All Pumpkin Pickers...
Jack-O-Lanterns are plentiful, Farm grown decorative pumpkins and gourds, along side lush blooming mums, ornamental cabbage, & fall grasses.
 Guess the weight of your
pumpkin and win it!

Pick your pumpkin. One Pumpkin, one guess
Tell the cashier your official guess
Place the pumpkin on the scale

You must guess your pumpkins weight within 1/10th of a 1 lb. For pumpkins 30 lbs 
or more you must be within 1 lb 
Winners receive their pumpkin for free and get their name on the wall of fame!
Pumpkin Carving Kits are in and ready for your creative skills to be put to work! Scoops, knives, paints, stickers. If you need it to carve or decorate a pumpkin, we carry it!
New From the Deli!
Sandwich of the Month
Brett, our Deli Manager will be featuring a new specialty sandwich that will rotate each month!
This month's, The Harvest Club, screams fall featuring  Boar's Head honey maple turkey, cheddar cheese, bacon, fresh apples, lettuce, and honey mustard on multigrain bread
Available everyday this month!
Thanksgiving Orders
Go Live Next Week!
Our Farm made side dishes are receiving their final tweaks, the menus are being printed, and our staff is getting all trained up to welcome your Thanksgiving orders!   We will begin taking Thanksgiving Orders for this season early next week so stay tuned for more info!
Dig Your Roots!
Here on the Farm, the chill in the air and matte grey skies have us reaching deep into the potato and squash bins. Inspired,  our creative juices are flowing with visions of comforting roasted root veggies, creamy bowls of whipped potatoes,
cheesy gratins and crispy,
savory squash and potato hash.
Is there anything better than buttery mashed potatoes? We don't think so!

The secrets to great mashed potatoes are dead simple. Use a fairly starchy variety, lots of butter, lots of seasoning. That's it! Oh, and make extra so you can make these the next day for brunch!
The Long Island Cheese Pumpkin, sometimes called a Cinderella pumpkin, is related to butternut squash.  Use in recipes just as you would butternut squash. Try baking, roasting, boiling or mashing them. They are also our pick for hollowing out and serving whole. Check out the recipe below.
Field Tomatoes are finished for this season.  It will be a couple of weeks for Greenhouse tomatoes to arrive, but rest assured, they will be here soon. 
Heirloom Apples are Here!
Heirloom apples and pears-a-plenty! Beautiful varieties of heirloom apples like Blue Pearmain, Maiden's Blush, Gravenstein, Franc Rambour, & Hubbardston Nonesuch have arrived from Scott Farm along with rare pear varieties like Warren's and Seckel! 
Long before the Bartlett's set foot on Nantucket The Scott Farm, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been in active cultivation since 1791. This 571 acre farm has been owned since 1995 by The Landmark Trust USA; a non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue important but neglected historic properties and bring them back to life. At Scott Farm this has meant revitalizing the entire farm operation from orchard to farmhouses to barns
Apple Cider from Carlson's is pure, fresh and heavenly. 100% natural with the sole ingredient being apples, of course!
Carlson Orchards Honeycrisp Apple Cider has made an appearance this week!
Snag a 1/2 gallon while they last!
The Seckel (also called Honey Pear or Sugar Pear) is sweet, spicy, versatile and a regional favorite. Its russet color sets it apart from many other pears as does its diminutive size. Most sources say it was named for the Pennsylvania farmer who introduced it in the late 18th century. Flores notes that it is loved by farmers since it is tolerant of diseases and adverse growing conditions, but shippers may feel otherwise: it does not travel well or keep long.
Frog Hollow Farm Warren's Pears-
This pear was discovered by Thomas Oscar Warren growing naturally outside a post office in Hattiesburg, MS. Once known as the Post Office pear, it's taken on its founder name and is a favorite of chefs. Too difficult to grow for most farmers to consider. It's never caught on commercially but Farmer Al has never shied away from putting the time and effort into a fruit that tastes so good!
Nantucket Fresh Catch
Fall Hours-
Wed - Saturday 
9 am to 6 pm
For Your Seasonal Table
Fall is all about colorful displays of pumpkins, gourds, & cranberries. Pair cozy, natural textures with clean white porcelain,  handmade ceramic ware, and rustic tin & wooden baskets from our gift department.  
6th Annual Cranberry Festival
October 12, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Nantucket Cranberry Festival is a popular event among adults and children alike – the Foundation’s Milestone Cranberry Bog is transformed into the most unique and beautiful of Festival grounds for this special event. Visitors can expect to learn about the history of cranberry farming on Nantucket through educational displays and harvesting demonstrations, participate in family activities, sample delectable cranberry treats and other New England classics, or simply enjoy the music and the spectacular autumn scenery. And as always, there will be pounds of organic Genuine Nantucket Cranberries available for purchase!

Bartlett's Kitchen will be in attendance selling Cranberry Bacon Jam, Tarts, Granola and Quick Breads for event-goers to purchase
WE NEED YOU! To Join Our Team
We need help through
 the end of the year or full time year round!  
kitchen counter 
Visit our Facebook Jobs page or click here to apply directly for the job you want. We look forward to hearing from you!
Bring Us Your Bags for
Instant Good Karma
Karma aside, reusing bags is still a great way to reduce waste, so bring us those lightly used brown bags rather than sending them to the landfill.
Mother nature thanks you!
Save the Dates
Join us for our 11th Annual Ladies Night!
Each year, the funds that we raise go to local charities.
 All proceeds this year will be going to Small Friends on Nantucket.  Small Friends on Nantucket is a non-profit that seeks to enhance the quality of life for families and meet the needs of working parents by providing the highest quality early education and care for the children of Nantucket year-round.
Please join us as we celebrate friendship and kick off the holiday season with tremendous vendors, great food, auctions and live music!
Sept. 30-Oct. 6-Fall Restaurant Week

October 5- A Walk for A Safe Place, Inc.

October 12- Cranberry Festival  

October 13- Nantucket Half-Marathon

October 18-20- Nantucket Grown Food Festival 

October 31st- Annual Halloween Parade