National Lampoon's
1971 RCH/RFA 50th Anniversary 
Combo High School Reunion

Our wild & crazy RCH Redwings and RFA Black Knights combined 50th High School Reunion is set for Saturday, September 18, 2021, at the Teugega Country Club in Rome. Mark your calendars people. 
BIG 2021 PARTY coming to upstate NY.
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Math, Algebra, Calculus
and Alice in Wonderland
by John Murray Wilson

Imagine us as Freshmen studying Algebra. One of our first experiences was listening to Sister James Clarine rail against a student’s essay about the integer “Zero.” The essay began with this statement: “Zero means nothing.” Sister told us she tore the paper in half and threw it in the trash, passing along the grade of “zero” to the offending student. I looked around the class at my many “partners in crime” as we all rolled our eyes. This was going to be interesting year 🙏  . . .

Honesty is the Best Policy 
by Barbara Kiskiel Acchino
I’m sure we all learned many valuable life lessons at Rome Catholic. I am going to relay one that has stayed with me my entire life. It happened between homeroom and Father Guckert’s Religion class. She (who shall remain nameless) didn’t get the homework assignment done and asked if she could see mine. I gave it to her and never thought another thing about it . . . until the next day.

1971 RCH PARACLETE yearbook proudly dedicated to
Reverend William T. Guckert 

The highly anticipated annual Rome Catholic High School Redwing yearbook, the PARACLETE, was dedicated by the RCH Senior Graduating Class of 1971  to our very own Reverend William T. Guckert, a wonderful teacher, mentor, religious scholar and highly- respected, honorable friend of ALL students of Rome Catholic High School.  


"ALWAYS FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE" __ This sage advice was given to us often by our amazing varsity head football coach at Rome Catholic High School in Rome, New York, especially when we faced adversity. The man with the whistle, clipboard, gruff voice and commanding positive aura was Coach Raymond Vaccaro, our incredible head football coach AND wonderful mentor.  Our lives were changed forever in a very good and positive way to be in the presence of this man.

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          Vol 1, Issue 1 _ JANUARY, 2021

John Wilson
Barb Kiskiel Acchino

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