A Month of Breakthroughs

The month of January has been an amazing month with three major breakthroughs!

First, the NGO Committee of the ECOSOC approved and recommended MPV for Consultative Status. Getting this status is equivalent to being a member of the Academy, to put it in Hollywood terms. In a round of inquiry, Iran asked whether we partnered with religious institutions and where our funding sources were coming from. It took 24 hours for the questions to be submitted through the UN system, which was the mode for us to respond to. That was a sleepless night, but we had our response ready for when it eventually came through. I want to thank our extraordinary UN Representative Omair Paul for his sophisticated and strategic thinking in spearheading this successful application process.

Our second breakthrough is that Hasan Piker, host and producer of The Young Turks, has graciously allowed us to raffle him off as a date/guest at our Celebration of Life, February 25, 2018 at CBS Studios, MPR9 in Los Angeles. All it takes is $10 to enter this once-in-a-lifetime raffle. You will not want to miss this chance. The winner will walk the press line with Hasan, and sit with him during the evening’s celebrations! Click here for more information!

Last, but not least, the Women’s March in Los Angeles was a major success with 600,000 marchers protesting the many policies of the U.S. Government. Check out my fiery 3-minute speech here.

January 2018 was a memorable month, one that, from the looks of it, has set the tone for a game-changing year.

Onward and upward...

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Featured Book 

Toward a Quranic Understanding of the Divine seeks the answers to these queries in the wisdom of the Quran. Only the words in the holy book are considered, free from the often-distorting lens of cultural expectations or dogma.

We cannot consider humanity’s relationship to the Divine without asking questions. How can God exist? What lessons does He have for us? If God is omnipotent, what role is there for human free will?

A bold, insightful exploration of Qu’ranic Islam, this extraordinary book reveals a loving, compassionate God and how His ideals, properly emulated, can transform our spiritual lives.


“This book also forcibly dispels the myth that the Quran teaches predestination. It also shows that the authors have read the Quran with their own minds, not shackled down by traditions”
- Amazon Reviewer, Lu Dongyi

"Quranic Understanding of the Divine is a valuable and thought provoking work worthy of every home library.”
- Amazon Reviewer, K.Anne Henry

Choose Muslims for Progressive Values as a beneficiary when you shop on smile.amazon.com and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price to MPV.
February Update 

MPV at the United Nations

It’s official! As of January 31, 2018, MPV has been recommended by the United Nations’ Committee on Non-governmental Organizations to be accredited to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN! It was a long and strenuous process, and this is a victory that MPV has been working towards since 2015. Globally, only 4,862 NGOs have been privileged with accreditation to the ECOSOC. But what exactly does this status mean for MPV going forward, and why is this such an important milestone?

For starters, accreditation to the ECOSOC allows NGOs streamlined access to important and high-level UN meetings and processes, including the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development, and the Human Rights Council. MPV has been engaged with these processes in the past, but now will be able to do so with much more autonomy and recognition. This aspect is crucial for the sustainability of MPV’s long-term goal to ‘normalize’ progressive and inclusive Islamic advocacy within UN spaces.

Since 2007, MPV has been one of only a handful of organizations in the U.S. that advocates for freedom of religion and belief, freedom of expression, gender equality and women’s empowerment, and the rights of LGBTI people through an Islamic framework. Since 2014, MPV has been raising these issues at the forefront of the United Nations, and accreditation to the ECOSOC further bolsters MPV’s authority and legitimacy as the only progressive and inclusive Muslim organization doing so.

Celebration of Life

Our third annual Celebration of Life is February 25th, 2018, 4:00 - 6:30 pm in Los Angeles at CBS Studios, our corporate sponsor. The evening will begin with cocktails, appetizers, and a silent auction. This year we will be honoring Nadia Anjuman (Afghani, killed for advocating for girls’ schooling) Xulhaz Mannan (Bangladeshi, killed for LGBTQI advocacy), Elham Arab (Iranian, persecuted Iranian), Sheikh Hamza Congera (Burundi, killed for advocate for women and girls’ rights), and Numan Afifi (Malaysian, persecuted LGBTQI advocate). Please visit the event’s eventbrite page to learn more about our honorees, purchase your tickets, or become a sponsor!

Celebrities Hasan Piker, Jaylen Moore, and Amin El-Gamal have already confirmed their attendance, with more confirmations yet to come!

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters:

Ansari Charitable Foundation
Kevin Jennings and Jeff Davis
Stuart I. Koenig
Mandana Azad  
The University of California, Los Angeles
       And many others...


During the month of January, MPV-Atlanta, through resources provided by Trinity Church Wall Street, had a video teach-in program. The program, Undocumented, focused on what faith communities need to know about current issues related to immigration, DACA, temporary protected status, and sanctuary.

MPV-Atlanta partnered with the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival for Young Professionals Night, which included a screening of The Boy Downstairs.

MPV-Atlanta hosts Jum'a each Friday from 1:30-3:00 pm at the Phillip Rush Center near the Edgewood/Candler Park MARTA station.

MPV-Atlanta is planning on hosting a Sunday morning gathering from 10:30-11:30 am each week for discussion and congregational prayers.

On Sunday evenings, MPV-Atlanta friend group Kaleemi Khanqah Atlanta, hosts an inclusive dhikr/zikr in midtown Atlanta.

If you are interested in MPV-Atlanta activities, please email kelly@mpvatlanta.org or visit us at https://www.mpvatlanta.org/.

MPV-S.F./Bay Area

In January, MPV-S.F./Bay Area brought in three amazing people to join Naji Ali, S.F. President, on the local chapter board: Philip Tulley, Carman Nareau and Sabahat Ashraf. Brief bios of these three amazing people will be posted on our local FB page soon.


MPV-DC continues to hold bi-weekly prayer and halaqa at the Emergence Community Arts Collective.

Several other events are on the calendar for the next month, including a member brunch and an interfaith dinner. To find out what’s on our calendar in DC, join us here.


MPV-LA recently joined One LA-IAF, a network of diverse religious and nonprofit institutions across Los Angeles county. We are currently working on the LA Housing and Homelessness Crisis. If you would like to attend a meeting regarding these issues with MPV, One LA and Mayor Eric Garcetti on Sunday, February 11th, 2018 please RSVP here.


In January, MPV NY brought in new members to join the chapter board and plan some great events for 2018. Stay tune and check us out on Facebook.