It's a Special Edition!
Normally, we bring you news about rocks, beads and crafting classes just once a month, but today we're making an exception! Kevin, our owner, went on a trip to Tucson, Arizona for the gigantic Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase. It's an event that includes over 40 gem shows over two weeks. He picked up heaps of gems, beads, statues and more! Our showroom is filled to the brim with gems and new finds. Below, we're sharing some of the things we're most excited about. 
Featured: Gilder's Paste 
We are discontinuing some colors of Baroque Arts gilders paste. For that reason, it is now on sale! Get over a dozens colors for as low as $7.86! Never fear, we're keeping six colors in stock, at $10.50. Gilders paste is a great way to add color to nearly anything! Add gold trim to furniture, change the color of textiles, use it as stain or spray paint - on a clean dry surface, the possibilities are virtually endless. 
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A huge part of the Tucson haul was agate! From thin, colorful slices, to two-piece sets that reveal beautiful crystals inside, we have nearly every kind of agate you can think of. Check out a few photos below and visit our showroom for purchase! 
Agate comes in many varieties with many different colors, patterns and finishes. It is characterized by its smooth surface and strength. It is said to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. Agate is a class of chalcedony: a type of quartz. 
Amethyst and Citrine
We've had a bountiful stock of amethyst for quite some time, and we've added to the collection! If we didn't have one of the largest gem selections in the Midwest before, we do now! We have many small specimens as well as some large additions, new and old. Yeah, it's cool, we know! Check out a few of the specimens below. 
You may be wondering why we combined amethyst and citrine. It's because citrine is heated amethyst! The amethyst specimen above has the best of both worlds with a few citrine points!
Monthly Classes 
Our weekly beading classes are a popular attraction at the store. We premiere the schedule each month in this newsletter. In this special edition, we're bringing you the remaining classes for the month. We post weekly events on Facebook for attendees to use as reminders. Subscribe to our events page to be notified as soon as we add an event. To reserve your spot in a class give us a call at 1-417-881-0223!  Each class requires a $10 fee. All supplies must be purchased at Touchstone. Act as quickly as possible as seating is very limited! 
Wire Wrapped Pendant
February 25 - 3:00 p.m.
Join Wanda and learn to make wire wrapped pendants for undrilled stones. Capture your favorite stone with sterling silver or craft plated wire. A $10 fee is required for registration. Total estimated cost of supplies is $15-$20 depending on the materials chosen.
Seat Limit: 4
Poinsettia Row Bracelet 
February 25 - 10:00 a.m.
Learn to embellish a variation of right angle weave with "Dragon Scale" beads. Red is the only color available at this time. A $10 fee is required for registration. Total estimated cost of supplies is $20-$25 depending on the materials chosen. Price does not include the cost of needles and thread. 
Seat Limit: 5 
Download the February class schedule!
One Last Thing! 
We hope you enjoyed the look around! Believe it or not, we bought a lot more than what we've shown here. In fact, we're still getting things in! Stop by the store or stay tuned to see more of our offerings! We'll be back on March 1st, with a new class schedule and featured products! We're still looking for customer projects to include in our class schedule, social media and newsletter. If you haven't already, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media! We've got all sorts of things cooking on Facebook and Instagram at least three times a week.
See ya next time! 
Check out more images, videos and news about what's in stock below.