New Flower Pot Ideas

The Aquarian flowerpot series has five sizes that include both bowl and tall models. Available in glass fiber reinforced concrete and fiberglass.

The Bella Via planter series has two models - a low version and an elevated model. Metal grid makes this series ready for the urban environment

Introduced in 2013, the Downtown flower pot collection has become a favorite among interior designers because of it’s multiple sizes and shapes.

The Harlie planter is new in 2014.  It angular geometric pattern is designed is destined to stand out in the crowded.


The self watering Seacrest planters are a favorite among the less is more crowd.  They contain internal water reservoirs that wicks water from the planter bottom when needed.

The Wilshire planter trellis combines flower boxes and green walls into freestanding privacy living walls.  Great application for balconies, patios and sidewalk cafes.

The hanging Wilshire flower boxes are a great way to add greenery or foliage to an exterior wall space. Added features include reinforced planter walls and bracket pockets.

The Zest planter designed by Surya Graf is a fun and whimsical design planter design. The Zest planters are currently available in five different sizes.