A Sneak Peak of the #18IAGathering
Discover this year's Imagining America (IA) Gathering, an annual gathering of public scholars, artists, students, designers, & cultural organizers who are addressing the nation’s most critical issues.

Image of Chicago's VCloud Gate sculpture buildings and surrounding buildings.
2018 Imagining America National Gathering
Chicago, Illinois | Friday-Sunday, October 19-21, 2018
The IA Gathering offers participants a three-day immersive experience in which to connect, dialogue, learn, and strategize on the ways in which the arts, humanities, and design are and may be leveraged locally, regionally, and nationally towards transformative action.
Here's what you'll find at the IA Gathering...
An engaging program is in store for you  for artists, scholars, designers, organizers, students, humanists, and community members alike!
Pictured: At-a-glance view of the Gathering.
Stay tuned for the detailed program. View the accessible version of the graphic here.
Interactive sessions provide opportunities for sharing and co-creating practical and theoretical frameworks that guide our understanding of engaged art, scholarship, and design.
ictured: Fours participants having conversations at year's national conference..
Here's the sneak preview* of the 80+ sessions & activities offered at the Gathering:
• Attend a workshop to design alternative societies & justice systems.

• Discover how a college-community partnership is decolonizing the archive through the United American Indian Involvement (UAII) Photo Archive Project.

• Engage in a role-playing game involving the power of interdisciplinary methodologies: ethnography, Afrofuturism, speculative history, research based arts practice, indigenous research, oral histories, restorative justice, black feminist and anarchist pedagogies.

• Explore meanings & functions of assessment in advancing justice & empowerment.

• Create your own book while illustrating the power of combining historical and contemporary narratives around the topic of refuge.

• Learn playwriting & theatre tools for challenging the carceral experience.

• Activate the citizen artist in you with storytelling & movement based skills.

• IA sessions for campus liaisons, PAGE Fellows, and more!
*Tentative session topics
...among many more!
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This year's theme...
Transformative Imaginations:
Decarceration and Liberatory Futures
We are facing the largest social crisis in modern U.S. history, and it is a crisis that, on some level, affects every one of us. From children to seniors, foreign nationals to U.S. citizens, the United States’ carceral system locks up more than 10 million individuals each year through a vast network of prisons, jails, juvenile correctional facilities, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and state psychiatric centers. This system restricts the lives of nearly 5 million individuals currently on probation or parole, and it destabilizes an exponential number of families and communities. Addressing a crisis of this magnitude requires moving beyond a public discourse limited by preconceptions of what is achievable.
IA’s conference theme this year is directed toward the core of the work of imagining: the transformative use of our imaginations to build new, equitable, inclusive, and liberatory futures.

Using the platform of our carceral systems to explore radical visionings and its more concrete, current manifestations, the 2018 IA Gathering will also consider the historic and contemporary structures designed to prevent us from living in full humanity with each other.

For many of us that dedicate our work to centering the worthiness of life, whether we work within higher education, the nonprofit field, in government, or elsewhere, this year’s gathering asks us to consider how our work is connected to maintaining or dismantling systems that deny such worth.
Let's Gather.
We hope you enjoyed this sneak peak.
Questions? Please connect with us at 2018gathering@imaginingamerica.org.
Imagining America (IA) advances public scholarship, community building, civically engaged learning and campus change through the bold power of the arts, humanities, and design.

As a national consortium of colleges, universities, and cultural organizations, we build partnerships among public scholars, artists, students, designers and cultural organizers who are addressing the most pressing issues of our time.

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