August 2017 Newsletter

Dear HPN-ers,

Hot summer greetings from Hollywood! It’s been a fast summer and so we are now gearing up for the Emmys, the new September TV season, and marketing the Christmas movies. Thanks for always walking with us in prayer as our wild mission field continues to surge forward with stories, technology and culture shaping projects. Let’s pray!...

Prayer Alert:

Charlottesville, Virginia
Please pray this month for the Media's involvement in the Charlottesville murder, unrest, and racial division. They represent the underlying racial tensions in our country and the media is both exposing and stirring up the deeply rooted divide. May the Lord use this for His glory and for our nation's healing! We need Him desperately!

"I swore to protect my city and that's what I was there to do. I don't think it makes me a hero, just doing what I believe in.”
-Darius Nash, office in photo, during a protest in Charlottesville, VA on July 8th.
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• The 47th Annual Comic-Con happened last month in San Diego

• Continue to pray for the Chinese/American entertainment relationship

• The MTV Music Video Awards are airing on August 27th

• The Emmys are airing on September 17th

• Pray for Jim Carrey, who preached about Jesus to a group of at-risk young men

• Pray for the impact of the Annual Telluride Film Festival in Colorado this month

• Pray for Tom Cruise who was recently injured in a stunt accident

• Pray for 5 wonderful Christian professional women who have cancer

• Pray for Quentin Tarrantino during his next film on the life of Charles Manson

• Pray for the 50+ aged audience who is influencing the success of films

• Suicide is rampant in the music, film and TV industries

• Pray for the South African Film Community

• Pray for Justin Beiber as he cancelled his world tour for more personal time

• Pray for the children, both the young professionals and media viewers

• Join the YouVersion App for the Hollywood Prayer Journal Devotional

• Pray over our Upcoming Events


San Diego Comic-Con
The 47th Annual Comic-Con happened last month in San Diego, gathering all of the graphic novel fans, studios, filmmakers, and authors into the Convention Center for a massive event. Just about every year there is at least one breakout movie trailer and this year it was Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the 2011 novel, Ready Player One. Let’s pray for the huge fans of graphic novels in today’s culture. It has swept the globe. Also, pray for Steven Spielberg and his spiritual journey as he continues to be a top director for over 3 decades in Hollywood. 
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Continue To Pray For Chinese/American Relationships

Continue to pray for the impact on American filmmakers due to the Chinese government’s decision to stop funds from leaving the country: Banks have been ordered not to finance any Wanda deals or allow the company to use its offshore assets as collateral for financing. This is a huge shift in the flurry of acquisitions of American films, production companies and even studios, based on the flow of Chinese cash that has been available for the past couple of years. May God’s hand guide the relationship between the two nations. 

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August 27th, MTV Music Video Awards
The MTV Music Video Awards are airing on August 27th. This is the biggest, most viewed television music awards show of the year. Would you pray for the singers, musicians, producers, and record companies who are involved in these awards. Their music impacts young people all over the world, and your prayers for the Lord to touch their hearts and souls will make an eternal difference.
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September 17th, Emmy's Are Airing
The Emmys are airing on September 17th. Below is the list of shows that are nominated. Would you pray through the list and ask the Lord to touch each person who is nominated for an Emmy and for God to move in the hearts of the writers as they write the upcoming storylines for each show. Your prayers can impact both the people and the messages these shows project across the world!
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Pray For Jim Carrey 
Pray for Jim Carrey, who preached about Jesus to a group of at-risk young men. He is on a beautiful spiritual journey and we want to come along side him with our prayers of love, blessing and truth!
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Pray For The Impact Of The 44th Annual Telluride Film Festival
The 44th Annual Telluride Film Festival is being held in Telluride, Colorado this year from September 1st – 4th. It gathers independent filmmakers, distributors and production companies from across the country to screen the best independent films chosen from thousands of submissions. It is a place for the judges to choose what are the “best Indie films of the year” and where Christian film professionals have access to leading independent filmmakers. They need your prayers for God’s guidance, direction, and loving grace. 
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Pray For Tom Cruise
Please pray for Tom Cruise, for he was recently injured doing a stunt during the filming of Mission Impossible 6. Pray for his recovery, protection, and for him to see God's truth, even through his deep belief in Scientology. We believe that in times like this, people can become more open to God and His healing and saving grace!
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Pray For Christian Woman In The Industry With Cancer
We ask for your fervent prayers for many wonderful Christian professional women in our industry who are all suffering from cancer. It feels like a wave of attack on so many of our friends and so we need your prayers for Brenda S., Brenda M., Edie, Jen, Monsita, and Marion. We lift up these six godly women and the others we don't know about who are battling cancer right now! May the Lord heal them completely and restore them to their lives of work and ministry in the entertainment industry!
Pray For Quentin Tarrantino

Pray for Quentin Tarrantino as he develops his next feature film on the life of Charles Manson. This is a dark topic to delve into for Quentin, the cast, and crew. We ask that the Lord bring out His spiritual truths through this story, as they re-tell the events.

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Pray For 50+ Year Old Audience And Its Influence On The Film Industry
Pray for the 50+ aged audience across America who is influencing what films are successful by their ticket sales. An AARP study shows that the older audience has a larger influence on our culture than they realize.
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Chester Bennington, 41 Death By Suicide

Suicide is rampant in the music, film, and TV industries. Celebrities who appear to live the perfect, exciting, successful lives, commit suicide at a record breaking pace. Please pray for Chester’s wife, six children, other family, friends and fans of Chester Bennington, frontman for the internationally renown band Linkin Park, who died on July 20th.

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Pray For The South African Film Community

The problem of suicide is also rampant in the South African Film Community. As the film industry grows in South Africa, so do the suicides of their filmmakers. Please pray for the filmmakers all over the world who can't make a living, who are treated horribly, both in trying to get work and on the set. It's a brutal industry for creative, sensitive people and we need your prayers.

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Pray For Justin Bieber

Pray for Justin Beiber as he cancelled his world tour for more personal time and to spend more time pursuing his faith. He is praised by some for this decision and yet his fans are quite upset that he is letting them down. It’s another example of the life of a celebrity: personal decisions affect the world. This is a tough space to live in, especially as a Christian.

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Pray For The Youth, Both Professionals And Viewers

Pray for the children, both the young professionals in Hollywood and the young audience watching TV shows, films, playing video games and listening to music. Young people are so vulnerable to their surroundings and we want children this summer to experience GOD in their lives through the love of family and other positive relationships that lift up their spirits. Being a child professional often takes away their youth, and spending time watching entertainment often takes away from healthy interpersonal relationships.

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Join the YouVersion App for the Hollywood Prayer Journal Devotional. Last month we posted a 7 day devotional on PEACE! And more great topics are already available to every HPN friend and member and friend. Just go to YouVersion and type in either Hollywood Prayer Network or HPN!


Thanks so much for praying with us and get ready for the school year to begin!

With love,

Karen, Megan, Sarah, and Kim

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 10th - Oct 15th - Fall Forgiveness Journey

Fall Forgiveness Journey: This course is offered only every 2 years and is the most transformational class on forgiveness taught to our community! Be sure to sign up for Sept. 10 - Oct .15 in Burbank. For more info email Kathy Young at or click on:

HPN Member Special - Private Pilates Sessions
If you would like private Pilates sessions in your own home, contact LAPPS, an HPN member who offers private sessions, any time, any place – just for HPN members. Be sure to tell them HPN sent you and the network will receive 25% of the proceeds! Email LAPPS HERE.

Thursday Evenings - Women's Bible Study Group
A new BSF Women’s Bible Study group is starting in Hollywood at The First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood on Thursday evenings! If you want more information about it email Kathy at

Aug 20th - Shout Sister Shout!
Shout Sister Shout! is on stage at the Playhouse through Aug. 20th! This is the story of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who main streamed Gospel music and influenced all the early rock-n-roll legends. Here is a latest video from the show. Or look her up on you tube. For more details visit The Playhouse's website at
Aug 26th-27th - 168 Film Project's Annual Festival
August 26th and 27th marks the 168 Film Project's annual Festival, screening the short films completed earlier this year from a random Bible scripture and 168 hours (7 days) of shooting and editing. The festival is a good way to meet Christian film makers. For tickets: 

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Quote Of The Month

“The most powerful person in the world is the STORYTELLER. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” Steve Jobs

Verse Of The Month

“Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” Jeremiah 29:7

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