November 2018

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Officer Transition Tools

As your College Panhellenic elects new officers, it is important to remember one of the responsibilities of the current College Panhellenic officer team on your campus is to successfully transition the incoming officers who will assume these roles. NPC has officer transition tools to help support you and your officer team do this. When transitioning your new officers we hope you’ll introduce them to these resources:

  • Officer e-learning modules: Launched with College Panhellenic Academy in 2016, five e-learning modules help officers learn tips, tricks and best practices. Modules cover communications terminology, judicial procedure, parliamentary procedure, recruitment terminology and budgeting terminology and skills.
  • College Panhellenic calendar: Don’t miss any NPC deadlines! Share the 2019 College Panhellenic Calendar with your new officers.
  • Recruitment Counselor Guide: Whether you had primary recruitment this past fall or are getting ready for recruitment this spring, it is never too early to start thinking about training your recruitment counselors. NPC has just refreshed the Recruitment Counselor Guide and we hope you’ll share this resource with incoming officers.
  •  What is NPC Video and Discussion Guide: You’ve been modeling Panhellenic spirit all year, but how can you share that with your new officers? Plan to watch the “What is NPC” video during officer transitions and use this discussion guide to reflect and learn more about leading Panhellenically.
  • College Panhellenic Academy. Limited space remains for the 2019 College Panhellenic Academy. Reserve space for your incoming officers by registering them before Dec. 15 to secure your campus’s attendance and lock-in our regular registration rate.

Introducing FS Central

You should have received a series of emails welcoming you to FS Central. Hopefully at this point you have claimed you FSID and begun exploring the way you can virtually manage your College Panhellenic. If you have not received any emails regarding FS Central or need help managing your College Panhellenic, please see this quick start guide and email


Promoting Panhellenic

Did you know that the NPC Store and Herff Jones can be a partner for your College Panhellenic? The NPC Store can help with custom orders to support programming and recruitment, and Herff Jones can create meaningful memories for your graduating officers with a stole order for your campus.

Make sure to check out the store and Herff Jones for opportunities to partner.



News to Use


Don’t forget to update your new officers in FS Central by finding your officers and assigning them their new roles in FS Central. After searching for them by name if you don’t see them, please create an account for them and assign them a role. To learn more about officer roles, view our quick start guide.

Please make a note for you or an incoming College Panhellenic officer to share your community academic information for the fall 2018 term by completing the academic achievement report as soon as grades are completed for your fraternity/sorority community. For recognition, please complete this form no later than Jan. 15.

Looking for a way to celebrate and thank your incoming and outgoing Panhellenic officers? The NPC store has some perfect gifts to recognize their work.