Several employees have received emails purporting to be from "Office 365" that include the logo (see graphic below for just one variation) and attempt to steal your login credentials saying you've run out of space on your account.


This email is not real. Do not click. do not input your credentials. If you receive any emails like this, feel free to call Auggie or Ezra - or even just forward to asking if it is legit. If you have accidentally input your login credentials, please reach out immediately and we will help you reset your password and take other steps to secure your account.




Please do not hesitate to reach out if you ever have any concerns about a suspicious email. 


Think twice before clicking on an email link to take you to a site that requires a login. It is ALWAYS better to manually go to the site in your browser and login that way.


Thank you for your vigilance,

Ezra HaLevi

Director of Communications & Technology

Jewish Home Family