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Volume 4 Issue 6
June 2011

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Why You Should Be Skeptical of Pitching Instructors
All-Star Parent Checklist
Making of a Champion
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In this month's issue:
Another fantastic article from former Red Sox pitcher and founder of, Dick Mills, lets you know why buyers should beware when it comes to professional pitching instructors. Brian Gotta discusses how parents can manage the stress and anxiety of all-stars. And, our newest contributor, Dr. Jim Taylor, provides tremendous insight on how parents can best support athletic kids.

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Why Pitchers Should be Skeptical of Most Pitching InstructorsDick Mills

By Dick Mills

Professional pitching instructors have many duties when they are being paid to instruct pitchers at all levels - some of those duties are to help them improve to the best of their ability and give to them an ongoing plan for ongoing improvement. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening in most cases... Read Article

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Brian Gotta

Baseball All-Star Parent Checklist

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

This time of year can be extremely stressful for parents of children participating in youth league all-star tournaments everywhere. The heightened level of competition often brings with it increased expectations, tension and passion. It can be easy for these emotions to be directed down channels that lead to problems. Here are a few suggestions for parents this all-star season.

Read Article
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Jim Taylor

The Making of a Champion
by Dr. Jim Taylor

I was asked recently by a sports parent, "What does it take to make a champion?" I thought for a moment and then responded with three words: "Genes, motivation, and support." So let's explore these three essential components to athletic success. Read Article

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