Legislative Update - End of Session
A Busy Week in the Capitol

Hello California Fairs, It was a very intense legislative session for the California Fair Network and while we saw great progress on our core issue - fair funding - the end results during the final weeks were not in our favor. Here are the key bills.

AB 2678 (Gray)
Our sales tax funding concept received strong support in the policy committees; however, at its last fiscal committee, Senate Appropriations, the bill was formally opposed by the Department of Finance, effectively killing the bill. Overall it was a good start for the concept and we expect it to return in the Fall with a renewed effort.

AB 2226 (Bigelow)
Amended late in the session to allow the CDFA and its Division of Fairs and Expositions greater control and flexibility over fair funding, this bill quickly passed the Senate. Upon its return to the Assembly, it was caught up in the ongoing ag overtime struggle and failed.

AB 2863 (Gray)
Assembly Member Gray included the California Fair Network as a nominal recipient of funds in his legislative effort to legalize Internet Poker. This was a hotly contested issue with multiple moving pieces, from Indian Tribes to horse racing. The bill died in the Assembly.

SB 1062 (Lara)
After his effort to ban the elephant guide resulted in a Gubernatorial Veto last year, Senator Lara brought a similar bill this year that proposed civil penalties for the use of the elephant guide beginning in 2018. As in the previous years, CFA, WFA and our Ag Council opposed this legislation during its journey. Our legislative team implemented the strategy that worked last year of curating expert testimony and meeting directly with the Governor's staff. Unfortunately when SB 1062 landed on the Governor's desk, he signed it without comment.

Our two key measures, AB 2678 (Gray) and AB 2226 (Bigelow) were inadvertently caught up in the fight over the elimination of the ag overtime laws.While we do not engage in outside issues, our supporters are generally from rural districts and, in this case, were on the losing side of a very emotional issue. The term 'collateral damage' fits well here.

While our advocacy team conducts its own debrief, our next step is to listen to you, our CFA Members. On Tuesday, November 1, the day before the official opening of the CFA Fall Conference (Nov 2-3), we will conduct an Open Forum at Cal Expo, followed by the CFSA BBQ. This year's Open Forum will be an all fairs, executive staff-only forum starting at 2:30 p.m. in the Grandstand. We will invite the Chair/President of our partner agencies, CARF, CFSA, and CCA as well.

The agenda and registration information for the Fall Conference will be sent to all California Fairs next week. Please make every effort to attend.

Thank you all for your participation throughout the process this year.

It has been an honor to serve as the CFA Chair for the past two years and I am certain that our network has set the foundation of fairground importance in our communities, our counties and our state. The 2017-2018 legislative session will once again bring with it the need for dollars to complete deferred maintenance on real state properties that serve constituents across California.

See you at managers conference,


Cliff Munson
CFA Chair

1776 Tribute Road Suite 210, Sacramento CA 95815-4495