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Hello Valued Customer,

Last month, Next Step Recovery moved into our 12th year of supporting men in early recovery from alcohol and substance abuse through our transitional living and recovery programs. This month, I’m celebrating my 29th wedding anniversary. Next month, our own Terry Streeter is celebrating 10 years of recovery and 9 years of supporting men as our current program director.


Clearly, there’s a lot to celebrate these days, the most important of which are every new day of sobriety our residents and staff enjoy. I am so grateful for the difference we are making in each other’s lives.


In many ways, what we’ve created here at Next Step Recovery is very much like a supportive family in which we all care about each other’s success and celebrate each other’s victories. We’ve had a lot of them over the last 12 years.


I invite you to read on to learn more and hope it inspires you to find your own reasons to celebrate!




Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS

Founder & Director

Phone: 828-350-9960



Next Step Announces Addition of Essential Oil Solutions

In honoring our commitment to be leaders in progressive and effective addiction recovery, Next Step Recovery will be offering essential oil solutions as part of our treatment program. The benefits and effects of essential oils in stabilizing brain chemistry associated with cravings, and substance abuse recovery is documented and is proving a valuable tool in the process of reclaiming a life past addiction.

Therapeutic grade essential oils offer a powerful stabilizing influence to brain chemistry. Their ability to balance the amygdala, dopamine receptors and cortisol production has led them to be a natural, effective, safe and non addictive solution to balancing mood, while facilitating in shortening the detox process.

We are partnering with doterra essential oils in expanding our treatment options to include essential oils.

With the quality standards that doterra upholds, many mental health and functional medicine facilities are integrating the powerful plant-base support offered by essential oils and essential oil infused products. Success stories are repeatedly shared by those in various stages of the recovery process on the effectiveness of essential oils and the distinct difference of doterra’s standards.

Additionally, we are excited to replace all our cleaning supplies with non toxic solutions to further offer environments conducive to recovery.

We are looking forward to working with doterra educators and essential oil experts Pramela Thiagesan and Brandy Emory to bring Next Step Recovery into the frontline of innovative, safe and effective recovery support.


Our Resident Housing: A Virtual Tour

Houston House

Art District House

Grail House

All residents at Next Step Recovery live in one of our three resident houses. Visit our website to step inside and take a virtual tour of our Houston House, Art District House, or Grail House.