Updates on Reusable Bags
and Store Capacity
The state has recently lifted the ban on reusable grocery bags so we will once again be allowing customers to use their own bags.  They have also rescinded the order to limit occupancy in grocery stores to 40% of capacity.  The Bartlett family has decided  to maintain occupancy limits in our store to 50% capacity in an effort to allow for adequate social distancing.  We feel this is the best strategy for our employees and customers.  We will increase capacity when we feel it is safe and appears appropriate.  

We will continue to have the register outside under the tent for breakfast and lunch sandwich orders to help alleviate some of the wait time at the deli counter, as it seems to be working.

We are continuing to offer the 7am – 8am hour for over 60 shoppers only and curbside is still an option as well.
We thank you for your continued support and patience as we work through this unprecedented time in our history together.

-The Bartlett Family
Garden Center SALE
Happiness in Flower Form!
Welcoming back 'Buckets of Happiness' Baskets-Fresh flower planters perfect for gifting to loved ones, or yourself! 
There are loads to choose from or create your own.
'Medium Bucket of Happiness'- $19.99
'Big Bucket of Happiness'- $24.99
And not happy enough?  
Try the Custom Super Bucket of Happiness!  $34.99
Find the 'Happiness' under the tent at the entrance!
Bartlett's Farm Deli Items TO GO
Now ordering from our Kitchen Deli is even easier!
Order and pay for Deli items such as sliced meats and cheeses, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, coffee and pastries all without entering the store. Call ahead or walk up; we have a staffed register right outside from 9 am until 2 pm daily, complete with breakfast and lunch menus, and the day's specialty case salads and dessert specials.
Farm Grown Update

'I am, always have been, a silver lining kind of gal, and I look for, if not the good, at least some constant to hold on to. Tomatoes are my touchstone. Once the Hot House tomatoes came in the back door, I was able to take a breath and feel the ship right itself a bit. Field tomatoes are still a few weeks out, but I feel as though the universe will be a bit better simply for harvesting them.  Next up is Corn. Not sure of the exact date of harvest, (but put your 'harvest date' guess in on Instagram for a chance to win some delicious corn and great corn gadgets!).
The official countdown is on!

If you aren’t familiar with our cookbooks, please check them out. Great recipes from Dorothy Bartlett, Hilary Newell, and so many others. Best tomato pie recipe ever.
Lots of great corn recipes in our cookbooks as well.

Though this year is definitely different and we are not growing everything we’d like to grow, our farmers and staff have done an incredible job of adapting to the needs of the community, and we’ve all learned to be flexible on the fly.  We are proud that our Produce Truck is still going to town and 'Sconset on weekdays with fresh produce and flowers, and for the myriad of small Island farms and growers who are able this year to pick up the plow and grow the vegetables and
varieties that we all so love.'
'From our kitchen, the Farm Made Marinara is also Farm Grown. Devon and Steph whipped up about 20 gallons a few days ago. Look for it in the Lunch Box!'
-MaryJane, Store Manager
Organic field Greens are abundant, delicious and nutritious! Dress them up with some Farm Made dressing from the kitchen! Choose from cool, creamy Green Goddess, White Balsamic Vinaigrette or yummy Caesar!
Field Flowers Abound...
Organic field flowers are abundant in the Market.  Single bunched varieties and Lilies arrive in the Market at 10 am. Mixed bunches arrive around 3 PM each day. 
Corn is Close!
Every year, we do a contest to see who can guess the first day of our corn harvest. As with everything right now, this year is a little different.  Instead of guessing in person at the Farm we’re holding the contest on our Instagram page!
Take a guess on what day the first harvest is going to be and everyone with the right answer gets 2 free ears of corn and will be entered into a drawing for a dozen ears and a gift basket full of corn gadgets for your kitchen!!
The winner will be announced on the day of harvest! Drop a like and comment your guess to enter
Sea? Look How Easy!
Ever find yourself,  after visiting Gail at Nantucket Fresh Catch, with a basket full of fresh clams,  a pound or two of tuna or fluke, but with no clue on how to pair the fish with wine? Pairing wine with fish or seafood can be daunting. White wines are generally the right choice, but not always. How do you know what goes with which? What about tomato-based seafood stews or fried oysters? Scallop risotto? This week, we have pulled the answers to all of those questions together into a quick and easy-to-follow guide on pairing all things from the sea. These general guidelines will help you to more confidently choose wines to pair with seafood and to branch out and find some really show-stopping pairings for your next ocean-themed meal. Click here to read it!
Webstore Goodies 
ALL PROCEEDS of the sale of our pride sticker will be donated to @ackhighschool Gay Straight Alliance ⁠and ALL PROCEEDS of our Black Lives Matter sticker will be donated to our own African meeting house on Nantucket. 
Gift baskets are a great way to thank you to your friends for that recent trip to Nantucket.  Maybe you just miss your loved ones and want them to know you’re thinking of them.  Whatever the reason, we have gift baskets for all occasions. 
This extra-large sweatshirt blanket makes a great gift no matter the season.  Use it on the beach, for a picnic or cuddle up with it on a cool night.  The compass design features various beaches around the island.  Available in Navy Heather. Measures 54″ x 84″.
Need some inspiration for all of that great summer produce? Pick up one of our gorgeous cookbooks, chock full of Bartlett's stories, pictures and recipes. Makes a handsome host or hostess gift when visiting loved ones. Now on sale! Click here to purchase. 
We're Hiring!
Check out all available Positions HERE!
Notice to our Curbside Shoppers
In order to continue to offer curbside pick up and support our online platform…We found it necessary to charge a small flat fee of $8 in order to help defray the cost of shopping the order and
providing the service. 
Farm Produce Truck Days, Times and Locations
Main Street- 8:30 am to 1 pm, Mondays,
Wednesdays, Fridays
Siasconset Rotary- 8:30 am to 1 pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays