Volume 11, Issue 4
April, 2018
Greetings from CoachDeck!

The feedback we get from clubs and associations everywhere is overwhelming! They tell us that their volunteer coaches can incorporate CoachDeck into any formal training curriculum and that it's a life-saver when they need ideas for fun drills and games on the fly!

In this issue:
We all want to score more goals. Bruce Brownlee gives coaches a checklist of reasons we may not be scoring and some great ideas to try. Brian Gotta wonders if what's missing in the new youth sports trend won't have negative, long-term consequences for kids and society. With lines like, "Do not try to “Motivate” players. Instead, trigger their highest self motivation", you'll want to continue reading Craig Sigl's coach communication series.

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Scoring More Goals
By Bruce Brownlee

You get a new team and get to know them. Technically you improve, and you start to get some team shape tactically and stop giving up so many goals.  Pretty soon, you have some decent midfield play and get the ball into the wings, and your team starts to get up and down the field. You win a few games and the parents are happy.  However, after a while, there is some frustration because you don't seem to get a break.  The lucky goal doesn't happen and the team doesn't get the reward it should have. Read Article
Me First or Team First?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

All four of my kids played recreational sports while also playing on club teams. That dynamic continued through high school. There were clearly pluses and minuses to both. But as youth sports trends toward more involvement in travel leagues, there is one important factor to consider. Read Article
Coach Communication (Part 4)
By Craig Sigl

Listen to your players at a deeper level. Let’s put on the table a few human communication tendencies that will be beneficial for you to be aware of for the purpose of improved performance through better communication as a coach. Read Article​