March 22, 2018
Week 5, Day 4
"Fasting" from: Energy | Some strategies: Turn off lights and appliances when you do not need them, wear warmer clothes inside to keep the heater lower

I will make more videos for Advent soon enough. But right now, perhaps because it is the end of my Lenten "wilderness journey," I am tired. So for the last three days of our Carbon Fast devotions, we return to plain and simple words.

I want to share four of my big takeaways from embarking on this carbon fast with you. I wonder if you will resonate.

1. Living in a way that is just and loving to my planet and neighbors requires time and attention. If my life is already packed full, that means I will need to make other areas of my life less busy -- or else I will never have time to do the right thing, day after day.

2. Disrupting habits and routines -- particularly when their negative effect on the Earth and others is not immediate -- is really difficult. It takes resolve, support, accountability, forgiveness, time, faith, prayer, God.

3. Plastic is everywhere. Like, wow. Everywhere. I am one consumer in a global system that is deeply dependent on unsustainable practices to bring me just about everything I consume. It was tempting to see myself as a sort of prisoner in this system -- but no, I am a part of this man-made wilderness we live in.

And so lastly, I see ever more clearly now my own complacency. My complicity. My apathy. I long to overcome the parts of my socialization and nature that have made the prospect of changing my unsustainable lifestyle feel so hard. I already feel them threatening to pull me back into my old, comfortable, careless habits once Lent is over -- despite the unsettling urgency of our climate change problem.

I long to live differently, to live boldly the love and justice I find in the Gospel. I long to believe God's loving insistence that my efforts, resistance, and actions as one person, and our work as one community of faith, really do matter.

But I need help. I need hope. I need insight. I need resurrection. And that's why I'm really, really excited for Holy Week and Easter next week.



p.s. I hope these takeaways were helpful for you, but they are just my perspective. Tomorrow, I'll be asking what your big takeaways from your experience fasting from carbon are. I really hope you'll share your answer in a 15-30 second video, or in a few sentences in our Facebook group. So, start thinking about it . . .
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