February 2018 
Number 154

It's NOT Voice Speaking, It's Voice Acting



Almost everyone who enters this business gets into it because someone tells them that they have a beautiful, interesting, deep, resonant, funny, cute, sexy, or amazing voice. Then, they quickly learn that the business is more than just speaking into a microphone. It's about bringing life to the written word. That means we have to trust our instincts and act truthfully. Rather than just reading words, we have to convey thoughts and feelings. 


Commercial voiceover, corporate narrations, audio books, video games, and animation all require you to act. To play a role. Styles and genres vary and finding the types of jobs that best suit you takes time and exploration. You are the vessel of truth. Find it in yourself. Believeability will come through trust.  


There's a part of a voice talent who believes he or she is lying when not an actor. The voice is the primary focus, not the manner in which the listener takes in the information. That's why we highly recommend that all voice actors take acting and improv classes. Besides having FUN, you'll be able to tap into deeper emotions, gain confidence in yourself, develop a stable of characters, and keep growing as a performer.


Being able to perform truthfully and spontaneously on-camera as well as on mic makes you more attractive to talent agents, producers, and directors. Having multiple skills broadens your earning capacity as you show that you are suited for a variety of jobs.


We have five upcoming on-camera and acting classes in the months Feb-May. The first is the 3-week class, Acting for Voiceover and More, on Feb. 8. Four of these five classes have limited space. Contact us asap to save you a spot if you wish to attend.

Voice One Talent Bank

Since it's inception in 2006 over 200 local producers have used our online talent database to cast jobs. Projects for companies like Facebook, CBS, SF Giants, Osmo, Twitter, Monster Cable, Paypal, Luminosity, Creativity Inc, Safeway, Leapfrog, Atomic Productions, KCSM, and Antenna Audio.


One-time setup is $50 then it's just an additional $10/month for first year. A flat rate of $60/year thereafter.

In December 2017 we helped to cast a job that will pay close to $15,000. Plus, 20 fortunate actors were paid $100 each just to audition for it! That covered their database membership for almost two years.


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Upcoming Classes



Preparing for a Demo - 1/31-2/7

Intro: Starting Out - 2/3

Acting for VO & More - 2/8-22

Stepping Out - 2/10

Creating Characters - 2/10

Your Voice As An Instrument - 2/11

Bringing Voices to Life - 2/16-18

Small Group Workout - 2/20

Home Recording: Studio - 2/21

Styles - 2/24-25


Narration Simple - 3/2-3

Building Your Business - 3/4

Home Recording: Audacity - 3/5

Diction & Clarity - 3/6-13

Making It M.I.N.E. - 3/7-28 

Intro: Starting Out - 3/10

Auditioning for Film - 3/11

Making Strong Choices - 3/12-4/16 

Daytime Conservatory - 3/13-5/15

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Many classes sell out.

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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