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Entercession this week




,It is great to be home and exciting to see the amazing work being done in nations closed to traditional m*ss*n-ry efforts. The real-life / real-time sacrifices they make are a powerful testimony to us all. ..

It is a tremendous honor to stand alongside these men and women who serve with a vision for hope. They are real-life heroes. From those who serve the needs of addicts on the street to the soldiers that we m*n*st*r*d to on the NATO base and US Embassy we are grateful for their service.

  • After arriving home safely, it was a quick turn around to drive from Dulles in DC up to New York City for the 60th Anniversary banquet of Brooklyn Teen Challenge with Don Wilkerson and Jimmy Jack.
  • A few days rest and this weekend we are off to Oklahoma TC for Spiritual Impact. I love Oklahoma TC --these amazing young people have been doing trips to Rwanda and Burundi to share the Good News. More than coming off of drugs, these adolescent programs are investing their lives for the lost.
  • After Oklahoma we head to Philadelphia (West Chester)for a great weekend M*ss*ons conference
  • Then on to South Africa for the 20th Anniversary of TC Western Cape with our dear friends Jacobus and Erika Nomdoe on Oct 28
Meeting Real Heroes
Headlines and notoriety have swirled around David Wilkerson and the amazing growth of TC worldwide. It is men, like the brother to my left, around the world, who still carry on that vision. Their names are not known on this earth, but-in hell they resound. From fearless street workers in the city, to the committed soldiers from 41 nations in the NATO Base, we met people committed to making a difference.


It was amazing to go to the street with our local TC outreach team. I was shocked to see literally hundreds of addicts, as far the eye could see, lined up down the wide median in the center of the main boulevard in town getting high. We saw men smoking heroin, shooting heroin, bound lost and hopeless. The team from a local center was engaged and impassioned to reach these lost men.
I was drawn to As*d*i. I shared my story through a translator - he was genuinely engaged. All around us men were smoking heroin or crack, in water pipes - or on foil (they call it "chasing the dragon") -or injecting. In small circles they sat like zombies in a drug-induced stupor. Still As*d*i listened to me carefully until suddenly as he looked down, through the dirt on the ground, his eye caught the glint of a piece of foil in the mud. Like finding a treasure, he fell to his knees and began to try to clean the foil - scraping, sniffing and licking frantically -- could there be any remnant of heroin left on the discarded foil. Then he was gone, addiction's hold was too strong.
8 of the addicts got on our bus and returned to the center with us. After a nice meal, we shared a message of hope.

We love the work there-if your would like to support New Life, or would like one of their beautiful 2019 Calendars -send gifts to:
Morning Star Development, PO Box 62327,
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Memo Line: New Life Program. Or go to www.msdev.org/donate


On base at an outpost of Operation Resolute Support, the chaplains gave us a unique opportunity to share, sing and minister the word. The Black Gospel Choir, Evangelical, and Traditional Catholic Worship team came together for music and we had an amazing time.. Cannot say much more... but God MOVED. It was a real joy to travel with Marco VonFur... from M*ss*-n Movement Corps. His ministry and testimony were vital contribution to the m*ss*on.

Brooklyn 60th Anniversary

It was such a blessing to be invited to the 60th Anniversary Banquet of Brooklyn Teen Challenge. What a delightful night to celebrate their 60th Anniversary of Brooklyn Teen Challenge with Brother Don & Cindy Wilkerson, Jimmy & Miriam Jack, Willie and Anna Ramos and hundreds of others.

Some of the real heroes of TC are the wives who sacrifice so much so that their men can carry the news of hope to people in need around the world. These 2 ladies are the real heroes. It was wonderful to see Brother Don honor Cindy so beautifully at the banquet.
It was Dave's brother, Don who came alongside to p*stor the addicts and build the discipleship program. From there, thousands of nameless faceless workers have faithfully served that vision worldwide for the last 60 years.

So TC remains the QUIET MIRACLE. We continue the work of the world's largest most effective program and give all the glory to GOD! TC is a global force for FREEDOM!
We are honored to serve.


"For David, after he had served

the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep, and
was laid among his fathers

Acts 13:36 NASB

I think that is fitting, as we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Brooklyn Teen Challenge, that we reflect on our history and legacy. Many know the story of David Wilkerson and the Cross & the Switchblade. God told him to spend less time watching television and pray, so he sold his TV and began a new nightly prayer time. It led to 19 days of prayer which led to the Life Magazine article that led him to New York City to "help those boys.


While one can never minimize the powerful work of David Wilkerson,. Much of the legacy of this m*nistry stands on the shoulders of his Brother Don's past*ral heart that led to the development of curriculum (with Dave Batty) program orientation and eventually the founding of Global Teen Challenge.


The current president/CEO of Global TC, Dr. Jerry Nance carries on with the burden of infusing the TC DNA of outreach and discipleship into our program despite unparalleled growth worldwide. We still see an exciting future ahead of us. The real key is thousands of servant-workers worldwide that pray and believe for miracles every day and our secret weapon - ALL OF YOU. You are our WMD - our intercessors - Warriors of Mighty Deliverance.


I guess my point is this. I know I'm doing a bit of violence to the b*bl*cal text when I quote the book of Acts above. I know that Scripture is referring to King David, not David Wilkerson, but still the principle applies. David Wilkerson did his work in his generation. There is a new generation and another legacy left for every one of us.

God asked Brother Dave to lay down his TV set and pray. I need to ask myself today what is God saying to me.

It took one man with the courage to say, “Yes,” to God! Yes, I will give up my TV.  I will pray. I will GO.

Through him and his brother Don, God raised up the army who pioneered TC.


I have asked myself that question many times. "What would I be willing to surrender to God, to launch an outreach that would change the world?"


There remains a work to be done in our generation. How about you? What are you willing to lay down?   It just takes one.


2018 has been a year of miracles.

You could not be with us in the Syrian Refugee Camps of the Bekaa Valley, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa or the United Kingdom-but you were with us in prayer, partnership and giving.
Thank you for standing with us, praying for us and as the Lord leads, partnering with us through your gifts.



October 29-Nov 6, 2018
Anniversary Celebration

Capetown, South Africa

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God willing, 2019 Preliminary Schedule

February   invitations from
Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire,
& Congo
March 1-3   Dominican Republic
April 1-8   Europe TC 50th Anniversary
April 9-18   Romania-Slovenia (tent)
May   All Africa Regional
June 6-18   M*SSI*N SOS
Moro Giro, Tanzania
July 12- 24  


Arusha, Tanzania

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for the end of 2018 & 2019
email us at
or call Cathy @ 757.218.8499


October 21, 2018
York Assembly of God

Yorktown, VA 10:30


October 21-24, 2018

Staff/Student Summit

Teen Challenge Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK A.G Camp


October 28, 2018

Trinity Assembly of God 10 am
West Chester, PA


Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Christmas Banquet

Blue Mt Chr*st*an Retreat
New Ringgold, PA

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Again I say
unto you,
that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done
for them of
my Father which is in heaven.

We are flying to Oklahoma this week. We are excited to be with Wayne Gray, their staff and some amazing young people during the Oklahoma Spiritual Summit- "BROKEN"

By God;'s grace may we impart His grace to be made whole and prepare their team that leaves for Africa in a few weeks.

2) SENSITIVE nation

Though we have returned safely--our teams continue the sacrificial work there . We appreciate your prayers for safety, wisdom and power.

We love the work there-if your would like to support New Life, or would like one of their beautiful 2019 Calendars -send gifts to:
Drop me an e mail bernstuff@aol.com and we will connect you or write --
Memo Line: New Life Program. Or go to www.msdev.org/donate


3) TC WESTERN CAPE 20th Anniversary

We are excited to be with our dear friends Jacobus and Erica Nomdoe in Cape Town October 28 - November 8. It will be an exciting time of m*nist*y and outreach with some amazing folks
at Enon Tabernacle. Please pray that we will be able to bring the Promise of Hope.

If they cannot find hope, may we find them with hope.



The M*ss*on SOS gear did not make it out of Rwanda. At the border, as the truck awaited clearance, a vehicle lost its brakes crashing into our truck and eight other vehicles.
There was a huge explosion, a blazing inferno and the containers, the entire stage, lighting, and sound equipment were consumed. All of the festival gear valued at approximately US$ 1.5 million has been lost and the system must be reconfigured in time for the June outreach in Tanzania. A truck fire will not stop momentum, but they need your prayers and as the Lord leads -- financial help..


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Our program despite unparalleled growth worldwide. The new president/CEO of Global teen challenge,