Extended Fall Hours!
Open 'til 7 pm Everyday 
Let Us Do Your Shopping
Wings & Fries-
½ Dozen wings, buffalo or teriyaki,
and a side of house fries
Burrata & Grilled Peach Salad-
Arugula, grilled peach, parsley, burrata, pistachio, lemon vinaigrette and balsamic glaze. $10.99
Muffins: Blueberry, Pistachio, French Toast
Scone: Mocha Chocolate Chip
Danish: Cherry Cream Cheese
Donuts : Cinnamon sugar, Chocolate Sugar
These are no longer self-serve. Please ask our Deli staff for help with soup!
Potato Leek
Clam Chowder
-caprese salad
-lobster salad
-brussels sprouts
-green bean salad with red onions & feta
-artichoke salad
-stuffed peppers with rice and beans
-raw salad
-chicken quesadillas
-gourmet potato salad
-buffalo chicken salad
-fried chicken
-chocolate roulade with strawberry pineapple
-individual carrot cakes
-oreo cheesecake brownies
-raspberry chocolate-flourless
cheesecake slices
-key lime tartlets
-strawberry pineapple cheesecake slices
-chocolate raspberry mousse towers
-strawberry panna cotta
-lemon coconut macaroons