Coptic Vespers and Vote

Please join the leadership of the Massachusetts Council of Churches and the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of New York and New England for the joyous occasion of the visit of His Grace Bishop David and the vote of the Massachusetts Council of Churches for this new judicatory member. We pray that our vote, vespers, and fellowship may be a foretaste of the unity that is ours in Christ Jesus.  All are invited to attend and rejoice.

Friday October 25, 2019 beginning at 7pm

St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, 145 Oak Street, Natick MA

7:00pm MCC Boards convene for historic vote (downstairs)

7:30pm Vespers in the Coptic Orthodox Tradition (in sanctuary)

8:00pm Reception

Parking is available next door. For questions, please contact


The growth and spiritual vitality of the Coptic Orthodox community in Massachusetts is worthy of praise, and yet also bears witness to a tragic reality- Many Coptic Christians are fleeing Egypt and moving abroad because it is increasingly unsafe to remain in their historic homelands as a religious minority. Persecution has been an enduring experience in the Coptic Orthodox Church since the establishment of the Church. In recent years, Coptic Christians have been martyred both in Egypt and abroad. In 2015, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant murdered 21 Coptic Christian construction workers in Libya; Pope Tawadros II designated their commemoration as martyr saints on the 8th Amshir of the Coptic calendar (February 15 on the calendar).  On Palm Sunday April 9 2017, ISIS two suicide bombings targeted Coptic Christians, first at St. George’s Church in Tanta and then St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria where Pope Tawadros II had just left to attend to the first bombing. At least 45 Copts were killed and hundreds injured.  Safety, the ability to worship freely and a thriving Coptic community continue to be concerns in Egypt.

Read more about the history of Coptic Orthodox Christians in Massachusetts on our website.

The Coptic Orthodox Church is a member of the World Council of Churches, the Middle East Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches in the United States.


We rejoice as the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of New York and New England joins the Massachusetts Council of Churches.

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