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Feature Project
Revisiting a Bayside Summer Retreat
A lot has changed over the course of our 27 years in business, including our client's taste. It's not uncommon for us to get a call back to renovate a home that we originally built or renovated over a decade ago. That was the case for this Plymouth Summer home. Since it's original completion in the early 2000's plenty of new design trends and industry advancements have been made so the client wanted to refresh the entire interior including a full kitchen remodel, new custom paneling and millwork details, updated fixtures & finishes throughout , as well as some updates to make the home better suited for their growing children.  Patio doors & windows were also updated to open up views to the ocean. 

Photos: © 2018 Damianos Photography
Company News
Featured In Builder Architect Magazine

In case you missed it; we were proud to be the featured Builder in the August issue of Builder + Architect Magazine. The magazine features not only several of our projects but chronicles how Eric built a loyal list of clientele through insight, dedication, fortitude and trust.

The photos beautifully represent a sampling of our latest work to build, renovate & restore some of the finest homes on the New England coastline.  We'd like to thank all of our loyal clients, suppliers & trade partners who helped make this feature possible!
Gutter Cleaning
It's that time of year again when the leaves are falling beautifully and gracefully from the trees...and filling up your gutters in the process!

Gutter cleaning is a necessary Fall maintenance task that can help prevent costly issues for your home down the line. 

Call or e-mail us today to get on the list for this year's annual gutter cleaning services.

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Product Spotlight
The Bulkhead dilemma
Let’s face it, there’s nothing fancy or attractive about a basement bulkhead. It is a necessary evil in most homes in order to be able to access the basement from the home’s exterior. For years the available options for bulkheads were limited and many standard metal options can often rust, eventually leak and create that gut wrenching, nails on a chalkboard type of sound when opening or closing. (I bet you can hear the sound in your head right now…sorry about that)

With all that bad press behind them why hasn’t someone come up with a better way to access a basement?  The fact is that each home is different and each situation unique so there is never a one size fits all solution. We’re tackling this dilemma and going over your options for a basement access solution that is right for you and your home in our latest Blog post.
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Design & Detail Spotlight
Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms
Living in a coastal community as we do here in the Northeast means that many design details in a home are catered to the coastal lifestyle. Whether you are planning for your main residence or a summer home, any home in proximity to a beach is often going to have (or want) an outdoor shower. It's a matter of practicality really; the comings and goings from the beach can get messy and having a space to rinse off before entering the home means less of that sand and grit make it into your living space. 

 When planning for an outdoor shower why not take it a step further and amp up that functionality ten-fold with an indoor/outdoor bathroom. Read on to learn more about  how the homeowner from our featured project & their architect (literally) went outside the box  to create a very functional indoor/outdoor space perfect for this quaint summer retreat. 

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Perfectly Pickled Red Onions

What seems like a little thing will actually make a world of difference in your culinary arsenal. We've tried pickled onions before but after a recent trip to a farm stand on Cape Cod we decided that these particular pickled red onions should be a staple in every cook's kitchen so wanted to make them ourselves and of course share them with you!

Every recipe needs a balance of sweet, salty & tangy and these onions have all three; perfect as a topper for countless things including pizzas, sandwiches, salads, wraps,  tacos these onions can even take a prominent place on any antipasto or cheese plate. 

If the harsh taste of a raw onion just isn't your thing I dare you to give these a try. Something about the pickling process softens and mellows out the onion's bite but keeps the deep flavor profile that makes onions such a staple. If the flavor alone doesn't win you over the pop of color it gives to your dishes will make you a believer!
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