NCSEJ Denounces Russian Duma MP Milonov's Anti-Semitic Statements

Mark B. Levin

WASHINGTON, DC February 13, 2017 - NCSEJ condemns the vicious anti-Semitic statements made by Russian Duma MP Vitaly Milonov on Sunday in St. Petersburg.

Media outlets are reporting that Milonov called two local Jewish legislators the descendants of Jews who boiled Christians in cauldrons and let them be torn apart by wild animals.

Milonov is an outspoken legislator who in April 2014 made anti-Semitic statements accusing Jews of centuries of fomenting hate against Christians.

His most recent statement followed his participation in a 500-person procession around St. Isaac’s Cathedral Museum in St. Petersburg. Local protestors, including the two Jewish legislators, oppose the temporary transfer of the site from state control to the Russian Orthodox Church. Milonov favors the transfer.

Milonov’s rhetoric is invoking dangerous anti-Semitic hatred that has historically been used to justify widespread violence against Jews in Russia.

NCSEJ urges Russia’s local and national government to repudiate Milonov’s remarks and make clear that he does not speak for the government of Russia or the Russian people.

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