Public Space Disruption!
Olimpo Planter Bench
Lavinia Art Bench
Harmony Art Bench
Pod Canopy Bench
There’s plenty of buzz happening in the universe about disruptive technologies. Usually associated with high tech industries and devices that turn our lives inside out and upside down, low tech disruption is alive and well in our part of the world.
Here are four products that will change the way we interact in public spaces. The Olimpo street planter, the Harmony skygazing Bench, the art Pod sculpture bench and the Livinia engagement bench.
The Olimpo planter is a circular planter that doubles as a public bench.  It’s unique attractive design and large diameter encourages interaction and engagement at many different levels.  It’s dramatic design creates a special canvas for artistic expression. The Olimpo has serious street cred but so does our other planters.
The Harmony bench is truly versatile product that’s at home in a park for stargazing the night sky, on the street for people watching or a signature art piece on a public plaza. This bench will generate excitement.
It’s sculptural design is both visual eye candy and an invitation to engage.  Designed with seat pockets and areas for lounging, this site amenity is sure to attract attention wherever it’s located. The same can be said of other small benches.
The Pod is a circular art object bench seat that is available with a concrete or perforated metal canopy.  The narrow circular shape creates personal space for reading, lounging or taking a few minutes to relax in the middle of a stressful day.  The pod is destined to be a big hit with both adults and kids.  It’s unique shape will create an instant destination for memorable moments and photo ops.
Although the Livinia has been on the market for a while, it’s true potential has been overlooked by it’s rather simple and elegant design.  The design package consists of three inter-changable components. Use the Livinia bench an interactive art bench to explore hands on civic engagement.  However, our other benches will stand out in a crowd too.
These artistic furniture elements will create new paradigms for public spaces.