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First, thank you so much for supporting the New Jersey Highlands Coalition! Today, the New Jersey Highlands Coalition continues to need that support. Please help us defeat the current Administration's offensive against the Highlands and natural resource protection across the State; help us save the critical resources of the Highlands now and for future generations! We are battling every step of the way in 2016 and on into 2017! Aside from that of Clinton Township and Chester Borough, voluntary conformance to the Regional Master Plan at the Highlands Council has all but halted. The Department of Environmental Protection continues to rollback and weaken important environmental regulations that protect our water resources and reduce flooding. Having undermined the Highlands Council by appointing pro-development members to the Council and firing an effective and committed Director, it is now proposing for the first time to weaken the regulations that protect the core forests of the Preservation Area. As we see the economy finally improve, approvals for sprawl inducing developments and pipeline projects threaten to further fragment the Highlands' forests. This is today's playing field as we seek your generous support, which is essential if we are to meet the challenges of the upcoming New Year.

The proposed Penn East Pipeline route would cross 88 waterways as well as destroy endangered species and cultural resources.
The New Jersey Highlands Coalition is the only advocacy organization whose resources are committed exclusively to protecting the Highlands. And we are facing extraordinary new pressures in 2017. Up until now our primary challenge was educating the public and elected officials about the need to protect the Highlands and to encourage conformance to the Highlands Regional Master Plan. But today, we have a DEP that as a matter of policy, seeks to weaken its regulations and to promote speculative investment over protection of clean water. In the months to come, our strong advocacy for sound planning and implementation of sensible regulations and development standards is entirely dependent upon your action today - please give, and give generously, to help the New Jersey Highlands Coalition succeed.  As regulations are weakened, water quantity and quality are degraded. "Zombie" projects - long dead projects that were previously denied - suddenly come back to life with new permit approvals. Because of your support, we have challenged these projects such as: the Bi-County project in Oakland, a 209 unit residential development on High Mountain, a natural heritage macro site filled with rare plants, that could not be built under today's regulations; Braemar, in West Milford, where we helped to limit a 2003 development proposal from being built on 78 acres that would have depleted the already challenged wells of the neighbors; the 2004 proposed 800,000 sq. ft. Bellemead office development in Tewksbury and the proposal to quarry and obliterate 180 acres of Federal Hill in Bloomingdale (see photo). Please help the New Jersey Highlands Coalition be the best it can be with your much needed donation today.

Tilcon proposes to expand its quarrying operation in Meer Tract [Federal Hill] in Bloomingdale.

Despite these threats our ongoing programs to protect the Highlands are succeeding, like our Highlands Advocates Program, our Save H20 NJ campaign with the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and other groups, our multiple educational programs, our Lopatcong Creek Initiative, and our resolution of support for the Highlands Act and RMP which has now been signed by more than 106 Highlands water dependent municipal and county governing bodies located outside the Highlands. We cannot withstand the continued threats to the region and our water supply without your support. Together, with your help, we can be more effective in stopping bad projects, in getting decision-makers to do the right things and in refocusing the DEP to do its job to protect the public trust resources of the Highlands.

Lopatcong Creek Initiative’s clean up day with help from Cub Scout Pack 54.


A drought warning has been issued for much of NJ and key reservoirs such as Round Valley are hovering around 50%.
The Highlands is a region of magnificent and unsurpassed natural beauty. In the last few decades we helped foster the well deserved recognition of the Highlands as a distinct regional identity, unique for its abundant critical resources. Help us expand that recognition and our call to further protect the region's natural heritage. Your support is even more critical as we foresee the challenges of a new administration in Washington that views environmental regulation as an unnecessary impediment to unbridled growth.

Please make a generous year-end tax deductible contribution to help us fight the cause. You can donate online at Remember, "Your Water, Your Future" is not just a slogan. It is a clarion call to be vigilant and mindful of the impact of our decisions on the quality and sustainability of a great region. Your decision to give will have a lasting influence.

Thank you and best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season!


Julia Somers
Executive Director

P.S. Your gift will have an immediate impact on urgently needed New Jersey Highlands protection. Please send your gift today.
Protecting the NJ Highlands; Highlands Rule Amendments Press Conference: Jersey City, Newark and Bayonne Roar with the NJ Highlands Coalition! (Left to Right) Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, Elliott Ruga Policy Director NJHiCo, Jennifer Coffey, Executive Director, ANJEC, Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director, GreenFaith, Jersey City Council President Rolando R. Lavarro, Jr.
P.P.S. If you are a Coalition member because you financially support one of our member organizations, please reciprocate – help us succeed and be as strong as possible to help your organization -- and support our Holiday Appeal now. We really need you! Thank you.
NJ Drought Reservoir "Birds Eye View" Video

The Highlands are Under Attack
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