June 2017 Newsletter

Dear HPN-ers, 

WELCOME TO SUMMER and a very Happy Fathers Day to all of you DADS! It’s beautiful in Southern California and we are enjoying incredible flowers, grass and foliage from our recent rains!!!!! There is so much to be thankful for, including many of our Fathers. We ask that you join us in praying for the entertainment industry and all of the people in it! They are creative, smart people who want a hug, just like all of you! So, if you’re not here in town, then your prayers are SO APPRECIATED!....


•  We praise God for the great things Christians are doing in Hollywood

•  Praise God for Wonder Woman and it’s impact on women and young girls
•  Thank God for two industry Christians who talk about their Hollywood ministry 
•  Pray that films and TV shows help awareness of social justice issues  
•  Pray for Hasbro and their “screen-to-toy” business
•  Pray for the Christian TV stations to become as high quality as secular TV
•  Pray for parents whose kids come to LA and walk away from God
•  Pray for the people at the Pasadena Playhouse producing a controversial play
•  Pray for a healthier portrayal of women in films and TV shows
•  British actor and HPN member Christopher Power asks for prayer
•  Keep praying that the media and entertainment will be used for God’s glory
•  Don’t miss our upcoming events and opportunities…

The Great Thing Christians Are Doing in Hollywood
We praise God for the great things Christians are doing in Hollywood to make our world a better place. We went to the U2 concert at the Rosebowl last month, Bono and his band are amazing at helping with world relief, standing with women around the world for equality, and dealing with sex trafficking head on. Also, Patricia Heaton and Beau Wirick of The Middle went to Jordan last month to meet and support Syrian Refugees. Those are only two of the many ways believers in our industry are caring for others across the globe. Would you thank God with us for our incredible community of creative and justice minded Christians!
Patricia and Beau in Jordan

Wonder Woman And Its Impact
A powerful new DC film has come out that the Christian community is supporting and praising God for: Wonder Woman - a beautiful example of a summer blockbuster film with spiritual messages, great role models and incredible entertainment. It’s an answer to many of your prayers, directed by a woman and starring an amazing female protagonist who is both a super hero for the guys and a hero for girls. Go see this family film, pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of everyone involved, and then read this encouraging account of the film.
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Two Industry Christians Talk About Their Hollywood Ministry

Two Christians in our industry, Merlinda Balmas and Jen Stewart, were on LA's KKLA 99.5 Frank Sontag Show Podcast talking about being a Christian in Hollywood and their incredible 9t5 Bible study that is now at three studios. We are praising God for the growth of our Christian community here and ask that you continue to pray with us that the Lord keeps us unified, focused on Him and one another, and that we are salt and light in our industry! We believe you will enjoy hearing the show on the link below, Podcast #284:05/26/2017 - Merlinda Balmas - Prayer in Hollywood.

Listen Here

Use Of Film And TV To Help Society
Let’s ask the Lord to continue to use films and TV shows to help our society deal effectively with social justice issues. There are so many ways that “entertainment” can help our world and Wonder Woman is one way to promote peace through the untapped resource of women leaders:
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Pray For Hasbro And Other Toy Companies
Pray for the people at Hasbro and other toy companies who are making decisions on what merchandise they can create and sell, based on their merchandizing deals with the producers of blockbuster films. It’s called the “screen-to-toy” business, which is just as important to Hasbro, whose revenues were $5 billion in 2016, as their other toys. Hasbro’s largest sales currently are Transformers and My Little Pony dolls. Their merchandise guides the way our children play and encourage their role models, so your prayers are important.
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Pray For Christian TV Stations
Pray for the Christian TV stations to become as high quality and offer as strong programming as any secular network. One channel that was launched a year ago and doing very well is “The Hillsong Channel.” They want to gain more mainstream viewers to be drawn into their programming. As you pray for how the Lord can reach people through Christian programming read this interview with Ben Field, head of Hillsong TV.
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Pray For Parents And Families Of "Prodigal" Sons And Daughters
Many Christian parents are struggling with the concern and even pain of their children getting into the entertainment industry and then falling away from the Lord. Let’s pray for those parents and families of “prodigal” sons and daughters in Hollywood, and for the children themselves, so that they can come back into the loving arms of Jesus. As you pray, read this story of Mary Hudson, Katy Perry’s mom who is praying for her daughter, one of the most famous performers on the planet, and yet is fighting her Christian roots…. “Mary believes unconditional love and support is essential—not judgment, anger or estrangement. “It’s only the love of God that will bring them back,” she says. “Don’t cut them off. You have to rise above your feelings. You must stay in communication.
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Pray For The Staff At The Pasadena Playhouse
Pray for the people at the renown Pasadena Playhouse who are using theatre to promote conversation about our history. This secular theatre company understands the power of Art and is producing a powerful play, Hold These Truths, which is the true story of a college student’s fight to protect his civil rights during the Japanese Internment Camps in San Francisco in the early 1900s. Following the performances they have survivors speak about their actual experiences. Everyone involved in the post-show conversation are Christians, so please pray for the effectiveness in this effort to do what Paul did by using the current culture to talk about the power of God.
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Pray For Healthier Portrayal Of Women

Pray for a healthier portrayal of women in films and TV shows. Our culture is defined by our entertainment and women across the country are speaking out on how women are portrayed in movies, except for Wonder Woman. Would you pray that the Lord guides the writing, directing and producing of films, TV shows and songs so that women are not stereotyped or objectified inaccurately, based on how God created them. As you pray, actress Jessica Chastain speaks about how she saw women portrayed in last month’s new films at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Pray For Christopher Power
British actor and HPN member Christopher Power asks for prayer after his house blew up in a supposed gas explosion in early June. Christopher, his wife and 16 year old son are now looking for housing accommodations as the police investigate the situation. As you pray, read more details by clicking the button below.
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Pray For The Media To Be Used For God's Glory
Keep praying that the media will be used for God’s glory and for spreading His message to all people around the world. Watch this new anti-terrorist music video that was made by an Islamic pop music star. Since it was posted in May it’s being viewed and shared – with almost 8 million views on YouTube alone. This is a great example - HERE - of how creative Art can help engage serious culture issues. As Phil Cooke writes, “ISIS has a very sophisticated media campaign to win hearts and minds to their cause. But this new video is a great example of how Christians should use the media to fight back with love.”
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Thank you so much for praying with us this month. We hope you did something special for your father (there is still time, if you missed it) and know that we are so thankful for you!!!

With love,

Karen, Megan, and Kim

Upcoming Events:

May 30th - June 25th - Hold These Truths
Hold These Truths - on stage May 30th -June 25th at the Pasadena Playhouse. The play is about civil rights hero Gordon Hirabayashi and his fight for freedom for all during WWII and the Japanese American internment camps. For more info check out the website www.pasadenaplayhouse.org or call (626) 921-1161. Additionally, they are offering HPN members a special discount. The promo code: LAC, gives you 30% off both/either show on the 24th and a 20% discount for the other performances.

June 23rd - Interview Of Karen Talking About HPN
Watch an interview by Karen talking about HPN and how to pray for Hollywood! The show is scheduled to air on Friday, June 23rd at 10:00pm EST. Besides local channels, the show airs nationally on Direct TV 376 and Dish Network 267. The show can also be live streamed HERE.

Fall 2017 - Veteran Film Challenge By VetFlicks
VetFlicks is having a Veteran Film Challenge this Fall 2017, encouraging veterans, filmmakers and other creators to tell their stories in 60 hours! For more info click HERE.
Every Tuesday- Burbank, CA - Tax Seminar
Tax seminars for actors – every Tuesday in Burbank. The seminars are only $5 each and they help actors learn how to prepare for taxes but also what they can write off of their taxes as actors and how to save on tax bills. For more info click HERE.
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Video Of The Month​: 
Stunt Woman Laurie Singer talks about her survival through rape and into joy!

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Tips Of The Month
The truth about Cell phones:  
Quote Of The Month

"If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary."

Jim Rohn

Verse Of The Month

”Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  - Joshua 1:9

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