New Jersey voters can elect a greedy Wall Street billionaire, or join my effort to put one of us in the Governor's Office! 

Political insiders are lining up behind the candidate who thinks he can buy the election, but I am asking you join thousands of volunteers who will be campaigning for votes face-to-face, knocking on doors and hosting house parties. We know who to contact, we have the tools you need online now.

Direct action can still defeat those who think they turned elections into auctions.  Help me fight back against Wall Street greed & political corruption in New Jersey' next primary election.

I will be a candidate if you make this your campaign, because none of us could do it alone. Start by signing up to help us get on the ballot and chip in a few dollars each month, if you can.

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Lisa McCormick is a New Jersey mother and small business owner who is outspoken about crime prevention, gun violence, excessive force and government corruption

She advocates smart action instead of tough talk. You are being contacted to help Lisa in her effort to recruit more progressive candidates and reclaim democracy.