UPDATE: Due to the extension of the San Francisco Shelter in Place Order, Public Glass will remain closed until June 1st.  If you missed our note last week please have a look, and consider supporting us in one of the ways outlined below.  Now more than ever, we need your help.
After weeks of quarantine, we're as anxious as you are to get back together with our friends and do all of the things that bring us joy.  Although we heard some optimistic news from our Governor, we understand that COVID-19 will present most of us with economic, logistical, and psychological challenges for returning to business as usual. We've been working every day throughout this tough time to prepare Public Glass for the uphill battle of bringing our community back together and putting all of our gifted artists back to work.

Our primary responsibility has always been the safety of everyone who comes to PG for our unique glass experiences.   As we plan for a measured and incremental re-opening, we've developed new health and safety protocols, as well as rental and workshop format changes to limit the number of people in the studios at any given time.  

When we reopen we will continue interrupted classes and open up the schedule for member and renter bookings.  The next steps will be in line with our evolving state and local guidelines and will feature programming that we are best able to share safely with the Public.  
Before COVID-19 separated our community, the energy, creativity, and production at PG were at an all-time high.  Our optimism for the future is tied to your willingness to continue supporting us as we come up with creative ways to keep the lights on and make certain that the amazing staff that we've assembled remains employed. 

If Public Glass has touched your life, we ask you to consider contributing to our survival in one of the three ways listed at the bottom of this email.
If you have questions about previous appointments with us, future programming and plans, or are looking for another way to help PG through this unprecedented challenge, please send us an email at info@publicglass.org.
A Public Glass gift card is a versatile way to support us while our programming abilities remain uncertain.  Gift cards can be redeemed for classes, events, or our new handmade glassware at any time in the future, and will put much needed cash in our accounts now!
A one time or recurring tax-deductible contribution in any amount will allow Public Glass to continue to pay its bills as we navigate this crisis.  We know it's going to be a long road back and we'll need your help all along the way. If ever there were a time to support, it is now.  
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From day one the PG Originals line of products was designed to support our community programs, the artists we employ, and the idea that handcrafted objects made by real people are worth investing in.  As artists and studios everywhere lose their means of income, Public Glass is more determined than ever to create and maintain jobs for glassmakers.

Over the last several weeks, you guys have stepped up to support us by ordering merchandise designed and made right here in our SF studios.   A few items have sold out, but the majority of our PG Originals inventory is stocked and ready to be shipped.  We encourage you to place orders now so that we can guarantee that there will be work waiting for our talented artist once the Shelter in Place order is lifted. ​​​​Rest assured that if there will be a delay with your purchase we'll reach out right away!  For those of you willing to wait, we'll gladly get to work making new objects to fulfill outstanding orders just as soon as we're able!

Every object sold is a literal guarantee that there will be work waiting for a Public Glass artist when we reopen, and we are incredibly grateful to anyone willing to make this investment in our future.  Make your online purchases count by shopping PG Originals.
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