Plenty of Holiday Cheer, Sales and Specials. Take Advantage This Weekend!
John Bartlett, happily showing off the annual "mega wreath" he put up last week
for our Farm Stand! 
Stock up and Save
We are gearing up for our mega closing sale next week and we will be adding lots of items to our existing sales over the next eight days so make sure you are following us here in the Dirt and on social media for updates!
(OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE) through this weekend. 
On Monday, we simplify things and switch to 50% OFF ALL EXISTING SALE  ITEMS, PLUS 30% OFF ALL FREEZER ITEMS!!!
Gifting, Solved. Just Visit Our Webstore
Still trying to find the right gift? Know someone who loves FRESH, LOCAL and DELISH produce? Does someone have a green thumb or a love of great wines and beers? We’ve got the gift for you! Bartlett’s Farm offers gift cards in any denomination! Come on into the market or order online! We offer in-store pick up for your local friends or surprise someone off island and have it shipped with the best holiday wishes.”
Organically grown full spectrum hemp extract grown and produced by Bartlett's Farm. 
Our hemp extract is organically grown on our farm before being hand harvested, cured and infused into MTC oil for a finished CBD content of 650mg per 30ml.  Available in 30ml or 15ml bottles.
Harvesting Nantucket cookbooks- Now just $10 each!  It’s all in here…the history of the farm, gorgeous photography and seventy-five mouth-watering recipes featuring fresh produce from Bartlett’s Farm. Written By Barbara Gookin, this beautiful edition will make a great gift or a long-lasting keepsake of your trip to Nantucket. 
Holiday Plants are Plentiful
Winter blooming houseplant, prefers cooler temps 60-65 during the day and 50-55 at night. Above 70 and the plant will stop blooming. Cyclamen are corms, they do not like to be overly wet and are very prone to rot if they are kept too wet, so water mindfully. Many folks love their long bloom time and wonderful colors. Just like Poinsettia they can be poisonous to pets. 
A classic Christmas plant and native to Mexico and Central America, the Aztecs used the plants for the latex in the sap and called the plant cuetlaxochitl legend has it the a poor Mexican girl named Pepita picked the flowers as a gift. They came to the United State in 1828 with Joel Roberts Poinsett the Ambassador to Mexico. The colored part of the plant is called a bract (a specialized leaf), they surround the actual flower …the little yellow balls in the center! For the best care, allow your plant to almost dry out, you don’t want it to wilt but you want it to come close. Keep the plant in warmer temp between 65-70 degrees and near bright light. Poinsettias are very prone to white fly, so be sure to keep an eye out for that (you can usually see the white fly eggs and larvae when you look at the underside of the leaf). It is poisonous to cats, dogs and horses, and the sap is an irritant to humans as well, especially if you have a latex allergy.
Christmas Cactus:  Another wonderful winter blooming house plant, Christmas Cactus are a native of the coastal mountains of Brazil. They are “thermophotoperiodic,” a fancy way of saying that they need a certain period of cool temps (between 50-55) and complete darkness for a set period (13 hours nightly), in order to begin their bloom cycle. You can manipulate this cycle to get your cactus to bloom at Thanksgiving or even Easter. Christmas Cactus are not like desert cactus in that they do not want to be dry; they actually need and want humidity. The best way to achieve this is by putting pebbles in the plant's saucer and keeping water in the saucer. Be sure to keep the water below the pot so that you do not end up with soaking wet soil. This plant is nonpoisonous to your four-footed-furry friends.
Santa will be making an Appearance this Sunday the 15th After the Inky Santa Toy Wrapping in the Greenhouse
Spend the morning in the Bartlett's greenhouse from
9 am to 11 am helping to make Christmas wishes come true! It's Wrapping Day for Inky Santa's Toy Drive and lots of hands make light work. It's a great way to kick off the holiday season and give back to the community.
Stay for a hot lunch from our Kitchen Counter and spy a glimpse of Santa in the Market
from 11 until 1 pm!
Plant Bulbs Now, Reap the Rewards Come Spring...Does 50% OFF Change Your Mind?
There’s still time! The ground is not yet frozen, you can still plant spring-blooming bulbs, and now they are 50% OFF! Learn about the 'how-tos', here. Daffodils, Tulips, Allium, and Fritillaria (checkered Lilies) are all ready to go!  Amaryllis are also included with this sale. Add some fabulous color to your winter months with long blooming Amaryllis in a variety of bold colors.
Stocking Stuffers, Holiday Candles, Ornaments & Holiday Decorations are all 25% OFF!
Loads of cool sustainable gifts, toys, holiday scented products, candy, ornaments and more!
'Holiday Cheer' is on Sale! 
Come take advantage of these great deals while they last! Tons of great craft beers on sale, too!
AIX and Wolffer Estate Summer in A Bottle rosés are both reduced to $18 and $25 
NOW $16 
NOW $18
NOW $18
A Note from Nantucket Fresh Catch
Fresh Catch's Counter is now closed for the season, we will stock the reach in through Saturday, December 14th with bay scallops, fresh fish, pate, and smoked salmon. Thank you for a great year!
See you Spring, 2020!
Upcoming Events
12/14- Double Red Ticket Day at Bartlett's

12/15- Inky Santa Toy Wrapping at Bartlett's 

12/16- 30% off Freezer Items

12/19- 50% Closing Sale- all meat, cheese, and produce will be 50% off

12/20/2019-1/8/2020- We are CLOSED for our Holiday Break!