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April 6, 2011


Now through April 28 Open 10-6 Monday-Saturday

Sunday April 17 Open 10-6

Closed Easter Sunday (April 24)

Beginning April 29 Open Every Day 8-6

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams

Celebrate Spring!
April 9 from 10-4

~Listen! Live Music 1-3~
Earth Got The Blues

~Play! Kids Activities 10-4~

Paint or Plant a Pot, Face Painting and
fun give-aways!

~Eat! Try New Foods 10-4~

Salty Oats Cookies, SoCo Creamery, Vegan Burgers, Cheeses,
Justin's Nut Butters, Cisco Beer, Nantucket Pasta Goddess,
Juicing Demonstration

~Spruce up! Get your Houseplants Repotted~

Bring in your root-bound houseplant and we will provide free labor to
replant it when you purchase a new pot.

~Be Strong! Sign-Up~

to try a Free Yoga Class with Joann Burnham

~Enter! Spend $35~
and be entered into a drawing for a
basket full of Easter Goodies


Coffee Buzzzz...

bodum coffee maker

In addition to a great selection of coffees, including Nantucket Coffee Roasters and Jim's Organic Coffee, we have some fun coffee makers to help you get your morning buzzz on. There are Bodums in every color, baby bodums, iced tea makers, and iced coffee makers. Summer can't be very far away, can it?

In Veggie World...

Organic Head Lettuce

This organic head lettuce is so very tender and delicious it can be eaten lots of ways. Rinse the leaves and use them as the bed for chicken salad or add them to a salad with some home-made blue cheese dressing. (See Mj's article below)


Greens are harvested carefully by hand, then washed and packaged in the kitchen.

Perennials are Ready to Plant!


Liz and her crew are filling up the outside benches with farm-grown perennials!
Hundreds of varieties are waiting for you to get into the garden!

Cooking Simply, not Simply Cooking

With Tina LePera Fournier
You are not going to want to miss this opportunity to learn from an experienced chef! The first 'Cooking with Tina' class will be held in the evening on April 21 in our own farm kitchen.
Easter Saturday at the Farm

Saturday April 23, 10 AM in the Hayloft

We'll prepare hard boiled eggs and provide all the dyes and other goodies to decorate them (and we'll take care of the clean-up) from 10-11am. At 11:15 head out to the Garden Center for an Easter egg hunt. The Easter Bunny will even make a special appearance, so bring your camera!

easter eggs

Registration and pre-payment ($5.00 for 1/2 dozen eggs) are required for the easter egg coloring activity. Register here or in person at the farm by April 21.

Home-made Blue Cheese Dressing
by Mj Mojer

We really make an effort to try out every product that we sell, and the cheeses are an easy one to find volunteers for tasting! One of our favorites is the Bayley Hazen Blue. Savory, pungent and full of flavor, you'll find that with a cheese of this quality, a little goes a long way. Here is an update on a classic dressing recipe. This is great, rich dressing, not for the faint of heart, and not quite the right thing for our tender and delicious Farm Grown Mesclun or Arugula. (Oil and Vinegar or any of the Vinaigrettes we have are a good match for these.)This creamy dressing needs the attitude and fortitude of a sturdy head lettuce. Romaine has the crispiness and crunch to work with the cheese and vinegar. Slices of the Maine Grown tomatoes and a side of leftover Roasted Freebird Chicken (either from your oven or ours) will give you a great spring supper.

Click for the recipe.

Save The Dates

April 16: Farm Talk 10am in the Hayloft Tim Pitts makes a simple and elegant dinner, mostly from scratch

April 21: Cooking Class with Tina Fournier. 6pm. "Keep it Simple" Make dinner in our kitchen with Tina, then enjoy it in the hayloft afterwards. Register for the class here.

April 23: 10-11am. Easter at the Farm. Coloring eggs for kids. $5.00 for 6 eggs. 11:15 Easter egg hunt in the greenhouse and garden center. Take a photo with the Easter Bunny! Register and pay for egg coloring on-line.

April 30-May 1: The 37th Annual Nantucket Daffodil Show and New England Regional Show 2011. Open to the public 2-5 on Saturday and 10-4:30 Sunday.

June 28: 11AM: C.L. Fornari in the Garden Center

Stormy Day Winners

Or, How to Turn that Stormy Day Into Something Fun

Congratulations to our winners of 2011 so far! Our most recent winners, Lindsay Mohr and Tessa Cressman, both won a free lunch special. Lucy Hehir, won 2 free tickets to the First Friday Dinner! Patrick Treadwell and Susan Handy both won a free soup, Jenny Williams won a $5 gift card, Wayn Davies won a Bartlett's Farm Cookbook, Pete Osley and Lynda Cutone both won free pies, and Roger Manielio won a $100 gift card! Get stormy day alerts by clicking the "Join Our Mailing List" button below.

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