A Journey
This week's Wooden Horse Wednesday blog features a new Equicizer owner, Deborah, and what is becoming her journey back to fitness. She was able to obtain a used Equicizer in a unique way and is using it to rehab from an injury. Deb is taking her journey with the Equicizer to a new level by blogging about it on "The 50 Plus Equestrian". 
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In Case You Missed It...
At left: The new Wooden Horse Elastic Rein attachments.
This Equicizer accessory is the newest addition to the Wooden Horse store. The attachments are a training aid that can be used by anyone to practice rein aids with a more realistic feel and contact on the bit. These are meant to be used with an Equicizer and can be used to practice a wide variety of things such as direct/indirect rein, opening rein, half halts, whoa, collection, upward and downward transitions, bending, flexing, backing up, and more!

At right: Frankie's "Meet the Team" post!
We have recently launched a new blog series where we will introduce (or reintroduce!) you to each member of the Wooden Horse Corporation team. Each one of our blog posts will begin with a short bio and then we will answer some questions. Our fearless leader Frankie's blog was up first. Have burning questions for the staff? Send them to info@equicizer.com and you may see them answered on the next Meet the Team blog!
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