THE COVID CHRONICLES: Our Industry Right Now
Over the past few months, we've been on a roller coaster of emotion: concerned about our livelihood, nervous about what the future holds, and curious about our industry in these uncertain times. Through it all, we've also been inspired by the resilience of so many of our clients and suppliers, who've found a way to keep hope alive and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. We thought it might be nice to share stories from the front lines of our industry. Perhaps we can learn from each other, or at the very least feel less alone.
Managing Director of Goldcrest Post

To kick off our interview series, we connected with Domenic Rom, a longtime FootageBank supporter and friend. Based in New York City, he is Managing Director of Goldcrest Post, which offers off-line picture and sound finishing. We asked him about his experience with post-production in the time of Covid-19, and here's what he had to say.
Tell us a bit about what life was like at Goldcrest before Covid-19 hit New York City.
We had our best 1st quarter ever and were projecting having a record year.  Every one of our services was booked to near capacity, it was amazing.

And now?
The rules of the game changed overnight. The staff was scattered to the wind, everyone working from home. We had to project the whole rest of the year guessing when production would return. At this point four months later, we still have no idea. We are exploring new avenues of business to give us new areas of revenue.

What has it been like for you to keep in touch with your team?
I made a conscious decision to do my best to make the staff feel like we were all still connected. We do town halls to make sure everyone knows what is happening, what work is coming in, what is happening in the business at other companies, and what we are hearing from the city and the state. I also send emails announcing births and other news, and we have virtual happy hours to get the team together. 

And clients?
I started sending out coronavirus updates to a long mailing list of clients, letting them know what Goldcrest was up to, how we were dealing with the shutdown, and letting them know we were operational and ready to service them if they needed us. There was a time there when NY was the epicenter and I wanted to assure our clients that the staff they have come to know over the years was healthy and safe, and we as a company are concerned about their safety.

Will business be different in the post-production world?
It already is. Remote work is here to stay. The days of big post houses with lots of rooms may be going the way of videotape. Off-line may change forever with editors and AEs working from home and coming into a facility just to do some collaboration with the director/showrunner in person but on an extremely limited basis. Colorists and Sound Mixers will have a similar workflow, doing the majority of their work from home and coming in for a supervised client review.
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