Your Real Estate Advocacy Resource - April 7, 2017
NSDCAR is seeking information about
transactions affected by these loan types

An important issue affecting real estate transactions is beginning to emerge in North County. Homeowners who have entered into Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans for home improvements are finding they are having problems selling their homes for a variety of reasons. There are several of these programs now operating under such names as PACE, HERO and YGRENE.

PACE-type vendors have made wildly inaccurate claims to get people to purchase improvements, and now the problems are surfacing. Last week, NSDCAR stopped the City of Vista from entering into a new contract with PACE, but several cities have contracts approved several years ago. Here is a link to the information NSDCAR provided to the City of Vista opposing PACE.

PACE providers have gone to cities and counties for endorsement, and then salesmen are telling people these are "government-backed loans." Cities do this because they receive financial compensation, but more importantly, as these energy efficient modifications are made, it helps the city meet clean air and energy efficiency standards.

NSDCAR is joining an effort to stop cities from authorizing these programs until several issues are addressed, including proper disclosure, consumer protection oversight, transparency of consumer lending, proper regulatory scrutiny of PACE sales tactics, loan transferability affecting FHA and FHFA, and PACE refrains from making wild claims about property value increases resulting from financed improvements.

What we are trying to do now is gather real horror stories from REALTORS® who have had difficulties with transactions as a result of a PACE-type loan on the property.

Please reach out to your office, your local marketing session or at any gathering of REALTORS® and let NSDCAR know of any cases you hear about. Please provide contact information so the information can be verified. Please send your information to: 
NSDCAR Vice President of Government Affairs Ernie Cowan at, or call him directly at (760) 597-5164.


NSDCAR has been working closely with REALTORS® active in Carlsbad, to address the enforcement of sign regulations in the city. So far, we have been unable to reach agreement on regulations that would allow for the placement of open house signs on public property during open house hours.

In addition, there appears to be continued abuse, by a few members of the real estate industry, of the number of open house signs being placed; the hours they are on display; the fact that many signs are not related to an actual open house; and the fact that signs are illegally placed in public right-of-way.

This has resulted in an increase in citizen complaints and as a result, effective April 17, the City of Carlsbad will begin an enforcement campaign based on “the letter of the law.” This means if your signs are placed in the public right-of-way; there are excessive numbers, or they are not directly associated with an open house, they will be removed. Continued violation could result in citations or legal action.

Unfortunately, the action by the City of Carlsbad is the result of continued abuse of city sign regulations. Please spread the word to agents about complying with local sign regulations. NSDCAR and the Carlsbad REALTOR® working group will continue to address this issue.

Please click this link - City of Carlsbad Real Estate Sign Rules flyer, which clearly explains where signs can be placed.


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