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Issue 2 Volume 3 March 2009
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How to Position Your Outfielders
Why Are Volunteers Scared to Coach?
The First Baseball Game
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In leagues across the country, as the spring sunshine warms frozen fields, kids everywhere are dusting off their mitts and swinging their bats in anticipation of giving it their all on Opening Day! That means millions of volunteer coaches are also giving it their all on the practice field. It's not too late to provide them with the best resource available to ensure they can run a fun and meaningful practice even if they've never coached before! If you'd like information on our product and our League Discount pricing, let us know at
Inside this issue you'll enjoy Ed Herrmann's tips for positioning your outfielders, Brian Gotta's article on the challenges of attracting and retaining volunteer coaches, and a baseball comedy bit from a morning radio show that will have you laughing out loud. Enjoy this issue of On Deck and Play Ball!

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 How to Position Your Outfielders Like the ProsEd Herrmann
by Ed Herrmann, former MLB all-star catcher 
If your idea of positioning your outfielders begins and ends with something like, "Johnny, you're in right. Tommy, you're in center..." you'll be amazed at some of the intricacies of outfield positioning you may have never thought of. From making adjustments based on the inning and the score, to the count on the batter, use these tips to gain an edge! Read Article
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 Brian GottaWhy Are Volunteers Scared to Coach? 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

We've all read the news clips or seen the videos of crazed parents running out of the stands to brawl with their children's coaches. We've all probably heard a friend or acquaintance complain about what a lousy coach their son or daughter has. Is it any wonder that average parents aren't clamoring for the chance to be a volunteer coach? Read Article
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 The First Baseball Game  Harry Caray

We could all use a few laughs, and this depiciton of Harry Caray announcing the first-ever baseball game as done by comedien Dan St. Paul is guaranteed to provide them. One of the funniest skits you and your baseball-loving friends will ever hear. Listen Here