What's New and Interesting!
Theatre Bench
Urban GFRC  Seat Wall
TF-6084 Illuminated Bollard
Flight Deck Bike Rack

What’s new or interesting this summer?  Metal Bike Lockers, Type Rider bike racks, PSI’s (Personal Seating Islands) and perforated steel benches. 

We now offer both metal and fiberglass bike lockers.  With fiberglass bike lockers commonly being offered in a limited number of muted colors, we welcome the addition of the metal lockers and the bold color palette that they bring to the table. We also anticipate that we’ll be able to offer custom embellishments to the bike locker in the future as a way to lessen their visual impact.  View Bike Lockers.

PSI’s or personal seating islands are small scale benches designed as public seating for individuals seeking a time out from group interaction.  They’re ideal for waiting areas, small and unusual spaces and any public space that needs a less structured environment.  Constructed of cast stone, concrete, gfrc, or polymers, place them in projects as permanent seating elements or movable furniture.


The Type Rider bike racks are a new way to share information or communicate with the customers or the public at large.  The Type Rider bike racks are designed to create words, phases and ideas through the use of alphabet characters, numbers or symbols commonly found on old typewriters or today’s computer keyboards.  What information would you like to share in this unique medium? View Type Rider racks.
Perforated benches are not new to the site furniture market, but they’re usually associated with inexpensive plastic coated park benches.  These perforated benches are elegant and sleek contemporary models.  Some models have interchangeable  design patterns while other models are available in either powder coated or stainless steel finishes.  Designed for high traffic and vandalism prone areas, these benches are equally at home in urban city environments or bus stops, rail stations or airports. View perforated benches.