Greenlight Competition, Go!
Whether you consider yourself artistic, business-minded, an activist, entrepreneur, programmer, writer, filmmaker, inventor, scientist, nature-lover, leader, individual, realist, or idealist - there is a potential project for everyone!
Intent to Participate forms are now due by THURSDAY, 10/15 at MIDNIGHT. 

Be a part of this community-wide, world-changing, resume-building, $-granting, ​environmentally-impacting, super-fun contest!

  • Pick an area of interest (waste/recycling, land/water, transportation, energy, local food)
  • Ask some friends to work on this with you (or go it alone)
  • and sign up today!

Don't have a faculty advisor yet? That's ok, just indicate on the form that you need help finding one and we will help you.
Don't have an idea yet? Click here for a huge list of ideas - scroll through to your area of interest and see if anything looks fun to take on. Or look at this list of resources for examples of things that have been done in other places.
We will help you further develop your idea, help you with your plan, and provide community expertise at the Incubator Workshop on November 5th.  Project plans due Nov. 20.

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Calves at Bedford 2020.

Make a film, write a play, hold a workshop, create a public display, design an outreach campaign to influence students/residents/businesses, create a website or app, hold an event, make/sell a product, measure success of a current program & find a way to increase participation, study behavior and change it for the better, hold an informational expo, make a presentation.
Email us at B2020
Greenlight Toolkit
Intent to Participate Form