Help Us Get SB 1304 Passed!
The Arizona Pest Professional Organization (AzPPO) needs your help!

In an attempt to curb the number of unlicensed individuals providing structural pest control throughout the state, AzPPO needs your help to encourage the Legislature to pass SB 1304 (pest management; unlicensed business activity) and address this important safety issue.

Please express your support by signing up for the Arizona Legislature’s Request to Speak System (RTS) and register your support today!

At one point in time, the Department of Agriculture had counted 1,000 unlicensed companies/individuals providing pest management services in our state.

SB 1304 requires the Department of Agriculture to educate the public about the importance of hiring a licensed individual and imposes a class 2 misdemeanor penalty for unlicensed activity.

You can register your support in the Legislature’s Request to Speak (RTS) System.  The RTS System does not mean you have to speak at the legislature, like the name suggests.  While requesting to speak is an option with the system, the RTS System is an online tool that allows individuals to register their support or opposition for a bill from anywhere.

For more information about the RTS System, please see this document. Unfortunately, to activate an RTS System account, the account has to be verified at the State Capitol first. However, Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs (GSPA), AzPPO's government affairs team, is willing to help you get your account set up so you do not have to go to the State Capitol. The attached document provides directions on how to have GSPA set up your account. If you do go to the State Capitol and would like to create your account yourself, computer kiosks are available in both the House and Senate on the first floor of either building to do so.
Already Registered?
Here's How to Sign On & Support the Bill
  1. Go to
  2. Enter email and password
  3. Choose the blue “Request to Speak” square
  4. Choose “New Request” on the left hand side.
  5. Enter “1304” into the “Search Phrase” box - you do not need to enter any other information.
  6. The bill will come up below the box (scroll down if you cannot see it) and click on the blue “add request” button
  7. You are representing yourself, unless you are a registered lobbyist
  8. Choose the “for” thumbs up option
  9. Choose that you do not wish to speak.
  10. Include any comments you would like to.
  11. Click the blue “submit” button
Learn more about the RTS System here
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