January 11, 2019
Today's temperature:  -7ºC
Tomorrow’s temperature: 0ºC; Sunday: -2ºC
Snowfall in past 48 hours: 0
Packed base: 8-12  cm
Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

The study of snow morphology is a fascinating and apposite pastime for Nordic skiers and groomers alike. The number of influencing factors and variables pertaining to any given snowfall are exponential; from the inception of snow crystals to formation of snowflakes, from descent and delivery to deposit and settlement. Temperature, time, humidity, barometric pressure, wind, solar exposure, and mechanical manipulations are the major players in this concerto of frozen precipitation, but there are many more (moose and birch notwithstanding), and the evolving interplay is delightfully complex and compelling.  It is decidedly a subject that we are deeply immersed in - not just from formation to deposit, but also in assiduous maintenance and hospice on our trails.

The reality is that despite the very best snow-dancing and other forms of snow supplicating acts and wishes of our skiers, the majority of the factors are beyond our control, other than the physical and mechanical ministrations that we enact via various grooming equipment and applications. So, it is here that we hone techniques and skills to try and respond effectively to the interactive affects and effects of the factors that are not within our jurisdiction. Combine our triumvirate passion for skiing, snow, and grooming, and the result is what you see and feel on the trails. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

In addition to a full groom and track-set on our trails this evening, we have also been working on the Bennett Lake loop; this ~2km trail can be accessed from the end of the “Bunny grid”, just West of the Information Centre on the South side of Multi-Purpose trail. It is an enjoyable divergence to skiing on the main trails, with open views and no vertical variations to negotiate (i.e. flat and open). We’ll keep a close watch on any transformation effects on the snow from the upcoming temperature rise-and-fall cycle, with ongoing grooming on all trails for your (and our) skiing pleasure.

See you on the trails!

Grooming Report:

Trails will be renovated, groomed, and trackset this evening; despite rising daytme temperatures, the cooler evenings should keep conditions relatively stable, but expect some transformation to granular.

West Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Multipurpose Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Good - Very Good
Moose Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Good -Very Good
Old Ridgeway Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Good
Deer Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Good - Very Good
East Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Fox Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Good
Owl Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Good - Very Good
Wagon Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Good - Very Good
Coyote North Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Good
Coyote South Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Good - Very Good
Old Ridgeway Jan. 11 Jan. 11 Fair - Good
Wax Recommendations:
Temperature swings and solar exposure will result in transforming snow; hard wax for kick is still in play for now, but may need to squish some klister out eventually...
Glide: Swix LF7 / LF8
Grip: Swix VG35 basebinder, layer Swix VR50/55 (up to VR60 for Saturday afternoon); cover with VR45 for morning / colder temperatures

Ski Season Passes (Nov. - April):

Child (2-12yr)              $21.00
Youth  (13-17yr)          $25.00

Adult                           $55.00
Family **                     $115.00

Senior 65+                  $35.00

Day Trail Passes:

Child (2-12yr)             $2.75
Youth  (13-17yr)         $3.25

Adult                           $7.00
Family **                    $14.00

Senior 65+                 $4.50
(**Family Passes are 2 adults and up to 3 children 2-17yrs related and living in the same house)
Ski & Snowshoe Rentals:

Rentals to be used only within the park / All rentals due back 1hr prior to closing

All ski & snowshoe rentals are for 3hrs max

  • Child & Youth XC Package    $13.00
  • Adult/Senior XC Package    $16.00
  • Skate Package (all ages)    $20.00
  • Skin Ski package (adult)     $20.00
  • Snowshoe Rental    $8.75

Book the lodge
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