May has officially arrived! This month has us fully enthralled with spring. We're thinking about birds chirping, the sun shining and all the ways we can create and embody the spirit of growth. We're starting off by growing our line of products with new polished stones and aromatherapy necklaces. We want to help you grow too, which is why we're bringing you information about citrine and ways to bring home copper splashes for less!
As always, we hope to see you in-store this month, but if you can't make it, be sure to visit us online on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and our website
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The Truth About Citrine
Citrine is one of the most popular gems on the market, but there's a lot you may not know about the golden stone. Here's a bit of a guide to the differences between genuine and heated citrine.
Natural Citrine Pieces

Did you know that much of the citrine on the market is heat-treated amethyst? It's true! We have plenty of it in our showroom - just like the winged pair above. We also have rare, natural citrine, like the ones on the left! These honey-colored gems offer a soft look that you just won't get with the heated stuff. Citrine can be heated by nature as well – so just because it’s a little darker doesn’t mean it’s not natural. Check out the pieces in the basket. The ones on the right side are more of an amber color, but still natural. heated citrine
You can spot heated citrine by paying attention to a few things. Generally, you’ll find that heated citrine has a warmer color that is oftentimes orange. Make no mistake, there is heated citrine that is pale too, just like the ones in the foreground of the picture above! If you’re looking at a rough specimen or geode, you’ll notice that the base will be very opaque and white. That white base will also appear much thicker than the typical amethyst geode. Plus, citrine just doesn’t form the same way that amethyst does. Citrine doesn't often grow in druzy or geode clusters. 

Whether heated or not, citrine has the same metaphysical properties. Amethyst and citrine have the same basic chemical makeup and many of the metaphysical properties of citrine are attributed to the color. So, no matter what you get, it’ll be happy!
Aromatherapy On-the-Go
Bring your favorite scent everywhere you go with new aromatherapy necklaces from Touchstone Beads. We have two major varieties. One with flat, interchangeable faces and another with a round shape perfect for use with lava beads. 
Both varieties come with a few pieces of material for you to drop your oil on. 
25% off Copper Splashes and Bowls
Makes a splash for less with torch-colored copper, now for 25% off! These copper splashes are mined and produced in Arizona. The copper is heated to 2160 ºF.  It’s then poured onto a flat metal surface and allowed to cool quickly, and then further cooled in pools of cooler water.  Each piece becomes a unique decorative piece. We only know of one person who has mastered the art of making these, so the production of these amazing splashes is extremely limited! Get yours while you can and for one heck of a deal.
New In Stock!
Check out some of latest products to grace the showroom floor. 
You can find oblong, palm-sized stones in blue calcite and polychrome jasper for $10. Some people believe that blue calcite helps to clear negative emotions, soothes nerves and quells anxiety. Polychrome jasper is said to inspire energy and bring about balance.
Kevin has been busy polishing away! He has claimed even more space for rock saws, drills, and polishers and he's got plenty to show for it! Get your own polished slices handcrafted in-house at Touchstone.
Your journey with stones has to start somewhere. You can grab your own mini jar of joy for just $1.99 or get a set of 12 for just $12. Each glass jar comes labeled and corked.
Monthly Classes 
At Touchstone, we are all about options! To get your hands on our class schedule first, stop by the retail showroom, where schedules are usually available the last weekend of each month. For folks online, we premiere the schedule in this newsletter and post weekly events on Facebook for attendees to use as reminders. Subscribe to our events page to be notified as soon as we add a class. To reserve your spot in a class give us a call at 1-417-881-0223!  Each class requires a $10 deposit unless otherwise stated. All supplies must be purchased at Touchstone. Act as quickly as possible as seating is very limited! 
Basic Bead Stringing
May 12 - 3:00 p.m.
Learn the basics of 
beading structure, as well as wire stringing, clasp options and attaching crimps. A $10 deposit is required for registration and will go toward purchase of supplies. Estimated cost of supplies starts at $15 depending on the materials chosen.
Basic Bead Stringing
May 5 - 10:00 a.m.
Learn the basics of 
beading structure, as well as wire stringing, clasp options and attaching crimps. A $10 deposit is required for registration and will go toward purchase of supplies. Estimated cost of supplies starts at $15 depending on the materials chosen.
Seat Limit: 5
Twin Oliver
May 19 - 10:00 a.m.
Great for all skill levels, Learn how to use two-hole beads in an embellished right angle weave stitch. A $10 deposit is required for registration and will go toward the purchase of supplies. Supplies for this project will start around $20 depending on materials chosen. Estimate does not include needle or thread. 
Seat Limit: 5
Download the May class schedule!
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