Join us in Dedicating our New Piano this Sunday
Our new piano has moved into the sanctuary, and this Sunday we're gathering to give thanks for the music it will provide our community for decades to come.

If you're a fan of beautiful music in worship, our Music Mondays' concerts, or the possibility for future growth in music programming at Advent, join us in dedicating our new Steinway D concert grand piano this Sunday. At the 9am and 12:45pm worship Frank will play pieces by Mozart and Mendelssohn, and at the 11am worship the chorale will sing and Aaron will play pieces by Ottorino Respighi and Claude Debussy.

Just over half of the cost of this piano has been covered by generous donations to our dedicated Piano Fund by the Advent and Music Mondays communities. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed, and welcome additional gifts of all sizes if you'd like make a donation towards reaching the total cost.

You'll also see a second, smaller piano, a beautiful antique 1899 Steinway mode A baby grand, in the sanctuary. This was a bequest from Kees Kooper and, because it is more appropriately sized for a home, we are selling it to support Advent's ministry. If you know of anyone interested in new piano for their home, please let us know.
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