NOVEMBER 7, 2019
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On October 8, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed important legislation that will affect many landlords and tenants of residential property across the state. The two biggest impacts created by the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 will be: (1) imposing a percentage limit on annual rent increases (capped at 5% of the gross rental rate plus the change in cost of living, not to exceed 10%); and (2) introducing a just cause requirement for terminating tenants who have occupied a property for 12 months or more. Read More On California's New Tenant Protection Act Here >
Following the real estate crash of 2008, many condominium developers nearing completion of their projects issued notices of completion only to find themselves facing lawsuits from their contract purchasers, who were looking for ways to get out of their contractual obligation to purchase a condominium unit and reclaim their hefty deposits.
More on Condo Purchase Contracts Here >
MTCA has been spurring the cleanup of contaminated sites in Washington for 30 years. Since MTCA went into effect, over 7,000 sites have been cleaned up. While the workhorse statute is not going to take a rest anytime soon, with more than 6,000 sites requiring further action before closure and over 200 new sites identified each year, the citizen’s initiative already has amassed an impressive legacy. Below are just a few of the many examples where MTCA has been instrumental in turning contaminated properties into productive community and environmental assets – on both large and small scales and in urban and rural areas of Washington.  More on Washington State's MTCA Here>
Easements are extremely common in our everyday life and serve an important role in offering access to otherwise inaccessible tracks of land due to boundary lines.  Strip malls, shopping centers, multi-use buildings and other businesses often share parking lot space through an exchange of easements.  Many of us access retail shops, vacation property or hunting land through a common private driveway that is often the subject of one or more easements.   More on Easement Rights Here>
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