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Senator - Elect Steven Nass Agrees to Help Wisconsin Collectors' Association After Visit With UCS.

Understanding Business office Extension

Looking Forward: 2015
    You have been great to work with on this unfortunate issue. 
    Thank you so much for you kindness.
     Please apply this check to reference # XXXXXXXXX
   Thanks so much,
              a consumer


    Just want to let you know I appreciate you calling me today to remind me.  I usually think of it around the 15th each month when I try to pay.
     I also appreciate you working with me on this debt.  Call me with any questions, XXX-XXX-XXXX. 
     Thanks again,
           a consumer

Hi Shirley,

thank you for always treating me with respect when you would call.  I'm sure you're their #1 collection person.  Could you please send me the paid in full letter for both accounts. 
          a consumer

Thank you--I am doing my best to pay this off.   What is my balance, please?
     Happy Holidays,
   a consumer

I want to thank Krys for being so polite and helpful.  She is an asset to your company.
               a consumer


Over the holiday weekend I had the good fortune of visiting with friends and family.  During one of these visits I ran into an old friend, Bob, I hadn’t seen in years.  He confided in me and another friend that he had recently suffered a heart attack and his doctor told him—after his bypass surgery—that he needed to make radical lifestyle changes if he didn’t want to suffer another heart attack.  Unfortunately he wasn’t having a lot of success changing his routine. Christmas, he told us, with all of its trappings, prohibited him from cutting back on his drinking and eating healthier, and the cold dark days left him too listless to exercise.

Understandably, this friend was depressed and scared.  That’s when our mutual friend quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson with this simple piece of advice.  “Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.”  He then asked Bob if there was anything he wished he could do.  Without hesitation Bob told us about how his son and grandson shared a love of bike riding and how they used to ask Bob to join with them on their biking adventures, but had quit inviting him about a year ago.  Bob believed they had given up on him and his ability to join them which added to his depression. 

“Be led by that dream!” Our friend told him.  It was inspirational to see the spark return to our sad friend’s eyes as the three of us talked strategy, figuring out what it would take to get Bob in shape in time for him to join his son and grandson on a trip they had planned for June.

Anyone that knows me knows I am a big supporter of the plan your work, then work your plan philosophy. I’m a big believe in being proactive rather than reactive. For me, it’s a lot less stressful. I would rather anticipate trouble and make changes accordingly than be surprised by a problem that suddenly comes up. 

The best way to be proactive is to develop foresight.  I am an information junky.  As anyone I work with can tell you I love my reports and glean the information they provide daily.  You need to look for patterns that help you understand how things work, that way you can make educated predictions about your business.  When you are reactive you let events set your course. Proactivity allows you to look ahead and change your course before events takes place because you know what they say about an ounce of prevention, don’t you? 

You also need to be able to look at the big picture.  It’s like playing chess—you need to understand the long-term consequences of your actions.  Most decisions don’t stand alone, they are linked and can cause of chain of events—some good, some bad. 

According to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, Proactivity is also about taking control of how you view your circumstances and understanding the need to take full responsibility for your life.

I love that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. When you are led by your dreams, you are driven to be proactive by positive thoughts rather than reacting to a negative or fearful problem. 

May this new year’s dreams lead you in wonderful directions.

Senator- Elect Steven Nass Agrees to Help Wisconsin Collector's Association after Visit with United Credit Service, Inc.

On Monday, December 8th legislator, Steven Nass, took time out of his busy schedule to visit us here at United Credit Service.  He served on the Whitewater Common Council from 1978 - 1981 and has served as a Wisconsin State Assemblyman since 1991, representing the 31st Assembly District. On November 4th, 2014 Nass was elected to the Wisconsin 11th Senate District.

Once elected into the state senate, Wisconsin Collectors’ Association (WCA) approached the senator elect in an effort to solicit his help in restoring interest rates for recovery of money in small claim actions to 12 percent.  Back on November 22, 2013 Nass, friend of small business, co-authored Assembly Bill 523  which sought for a return of the 12 percent interest rates in small claim actions. Under current law, which went into effect in 2011, interest on small claim judgments accrues at an annual rate of prime plus one percent, which presently amounts to 4.25% and is adjustable every 6 months.

As an active member of the WCA, United Credit Service, Inc. helped garner the senator’s support by hosting a visit where owners Rick Brammer and Jim Cox educated Nass on collection agency strategies and the important role collection agencies play improving our state’s economy.

After his visit to United Credit Service, Inc, Senator-elect Nass agreed to sponsor such a bill.

Restoring the statutory interest rate on small claim judgments  would allow creditors the ability to collect 12 percent interest on an outstanding judgment balance until satisfied. Small claims actions include eviction actions, actions to recover earnest money given towards the purchase of real property, and certain other civil actions on which the amount claimed is $10,000 or less.
Understanding Business Office Extension
Do you ever feel understaffed or get the impression you're stretching your employees beyond their competency or comfort level? UCS has the solution for that--Business Office Extension.

Business Office Extension offers you the customizable ability to expand your workforce without expanding your staff.  Simply put, our employees can work as your employees.

Our staff has the expertise and experience to excel as an extension to your office.  Our Early Outs, Self-pay, Payment Monitoring, Liability Monitoring, Insurance Claims Collection, and PatientConnect are all examples of Business Office Extension; each of these programs has our employees working as your own. But, you are not limited to these programs, as with all services here at UCS, we can customize a program just for your business. Let's say you would like reminder calls made to your patients/customers regarding an upcoming appointment, procedure, or to remind them of an unpaid balance,UCS has the man-power and technology to handle this request and others seamlessly.

Do your consumers need a little nudge to pay their past due accounts without actually sending them to collections? Are your employees too busy to collect pertinent information or co-pays on your patients? Our consumer oriented staff has the training and ability to handle these and other sensitive situations with finesse.

Do you have a RAC audit in your future and need some helping hands? Give UCS a call.

Here at United Credit Service, Inc., we want to be the kind of partner you can rely on for your collection needs as well as for creative solutions to the other challenges you face.
Looking Forward: 2015
In the sports world a new season brings with it the anticipation of greatness through wins and championships. Businesses are no different. A fresh new year brings the promise of challenges, excitement and potential. We make plans which often include: growing the business, finding ways to do our work more efficiently or effectively, improving our service to our clients, and making our workplace better for our team members.

UCS has increased the excitement by turning potential into reality—we are really going to hit the ground running in 2015.  We are pleased to announce the ownership team (Jim and Rick) of UCS has purchased another agency located in northern Illinois, A. Alliance Collection Agency, Inc. Ownership transfers on January 1, and while this agency will continue to operate independently under the A. Alliance name, there will be certain synergies gained by its affiliation with UCS. We are excited about welcoming the A. Alliance team and look forward to combining our talents and strengths while continuing to provide the great service current clients have become accustomed to.

Our second announcement is that we have added a new major medical client. This account is in the process of being set up with an anticipated launch date later in January.

These new additions have us expanding our workforce and new team members will be hired early in the coming new year.

Our wish is for you all to have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. We are already thankful and look forward to a fantastic 2015.