Washington Society of Landscape Painters
Opening Reception: February 21st 6:30-9
We're excited to welcome back the WSLP for another outstanding exhibition of local artists! The works will be on display by the 14th, but the opening reception, where many of the artists will be in attendance will be held on the 21st.
ALSO, join us on the 22nd at 1pm when Christine Lashley and Lynn Mehta
will be painting painting live in the gallery!
Christine Lashley & Lynn Mehta
Live Painting Demonstrations: February 22nd 1pm
Jill Basham
Jacalyn Beam
Jean Brinton-Jaecks
Lani Browning
Web Bryant
Ray Burns
Marietje Chamberlain
Hiu Lai Chong
Bernard J. Dellario
Gray Dodson
Christine Drewyer
Lisa Egeli
Yolanda Frederiske
Bruce Handford
Hai-Ou Hou
Harry L. Jaecks
Brenda Will Kidera
Andrei Kushnir
Christine Lashley
Barry D. Lindley
Lynn Mehta
Lisa Mitchell
Sarita Moffat
JoEllen Murphy
Barbara Nuss
Sara Linda Poly
Bobbi Pratte
Edward J. Reed
Bill Schmidt
Jean Schwartz
Lida Stifel
Nancy Tankersley
Robert Thoren
Nancy Wallace
Meg Walsh
Brenda Will Kidera Tranquility 26x34, oil on panel
Web Bryant
Longwood Sycamore 36x12, oil on panel
Nancy Tankersly
Early Birds 36x30, oil on linen
Jill Basham Coastal Comfort 36x48, oil on linen
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Simply reply to this email and ask for the WSLP preview.
More Exhibitions on the Way!
See all the available work!
Simply reply to this email and let us know for which shows you would like early previews!
New Arrivals
Stephen Early I Can Hear Crying 12x12, oil on panel
Stephen Early Everything We're Gonna Do, We Do It 9x12, oil on panel
Trish Coonrod 2 Pears and 5 Figs 14x25, oil on canvas
Geoffrey Johnson Landscape Italy II 8x11, oil on panel
Jeremy Mann Malta Sunset No. 7 4x5, oil on panel
Jeremy Mann Tuscan Sunset No. 2 4x5, oil on panel
Anna Wypych Night 8x8, oil on panel
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Michele, Clint, Owen, & Leigh

208 King Street
Alexandria,Virginia 22314

Monday: 12-5
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 10-6
Friday & Saturday: 10-8