Good Morning Western Fairs Association Member,

If there is one thing that we have learned through this frustrating and trying time, it is that communication and the support of one another is what will help us get through this together. We are a family. Together we can continue to build better fairs.

Western Fairs Association is here for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out. We thank and commemorate you all for your collaboration and undeniable resilience. 

UPDATED: WFA COVID-19 Updates Webpage
The Western Fairs Association COVID-19 Updates webpage includes a full list of fair cancellations, resources, and information by country and state. This page is updated daily... VISIT OUR SITE.
NEW! Senator Roy Blunt Addresses Federal Relief - Fairs and Festivals
Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo), 4th ranked Representative in the Senate, addresses federal relief and the impact COVID-19 has had on festivals and fairs - March 24, 2020... WATCH NOW.
NEW! Has COVID-19 Shutdown Delayed H-2B Worker Crisis for Carnival Companies?
Carnival Warehouse
Carnival companies and the fair industry were headed towards a potential workforce crisis until a much bigger crisis – the COVID-19 pandemic – overwhelmed the global economy, including the U.  S. fair industry... READ MORE.
A Message from the California Fair Services Authority:
It has come to CFSA’s attention that during the COVID-19 pandemic, many participants on the CFSA Master Insurance List will be obtaining permission from their insurance carriers to delay their annual renewal for general liability and workers’ compensation insurance while the businesses are in “shut down” mode. CFSA will delay sending notice to fairgrounds regarding insurance policy expirations for those vendors on the CFSA Master Insurance List, however, we can only do this if the vendor sends us written confirmation from their insurance carrier that they have been granted a delayed renewal date. Written confirmations can be sent to Mario Castagnola, Risk Analyst, at 1776 Tribute Road, Ste. 100, Sacramento, CA 95815, or mcastagnola@cfsa.org. If you have any questions, please contact Mario via email or phone at 916-263-6145.
A Message from OABA President & CEO Greg Chiecko
The Executive Committee has been meeting, via conference call, at least once a week and will continue to do so. We are also in communication with the full board weekly. There is a wealth of information crossing my desk on a daily basis and I will attempt to provide you with the most important pieces... READ MORE.
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NEW! They're hiring! Companies seek thousands of new employees amid the coronavirus pandemic
ABC News
While the coronavirus outbreak has left thousands lining up for unemployment, it has also changed the hiring landscape for pharmacies, online retailers, teleworking communications and shipping companies looking to bolster staffing in order to meet the recent surge of demand... READ MORE.
NEW! Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources
Health and government officials are working together to maintain the safety, security, and health of the American people. Small businesses are encouraged to do their part to keep their employees, customers, and themselves healthy...READ MORE.
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NEW! President Trump's Letter To Governors On New Coronavirus Guidelines
President Trump said in a letter to U.S. governors on Thursday that his administration is working to publish new guidelines for state and local governments to use when making decisions about "maintaining, increasing or relaxing social distancing and other mitigation measures" for the coronavirus epidemic.... READ MORE.
UPDATED: Here's Your Comprehensive Guide to All the Events Canceled Because of the Coronavirus
Read on for a list of everything that’s been canceled or postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic below...READ MORE.
What You Can Do to Support Your Community During COVID-19
During these challenging times, it’s crucial to support those in your community. Here are some practical ways to do so...READ MORE.
Small Business Relief Tracker: Funding, Grants And Resources For Business Owners Grappling With Coronavirus
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Children Around the World are Putting Rainbow Drawings in Windows to Spread Joy Amid Isolation
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Stay safe and healthy!