Important Dates

Monday 8 April – School Tour


Primary Term Dates 
Monday 4 February – Thursday 11 April  

1 – 11 April: Swimming Lessons for Year 1-3
1 – 11 April: Three way interviews
Tuesday 2 April: WACSSA Swimming Excursion
Wednesday 3 April: Choir rehearsal Year 2 – 6 (7:30 – 8:30am)
Wednesday 10 April: Choir rehearsal Year 2 – 6 (7:30 – 8:30am
Thursday 11 April: Primary Easter Assembly

Thursday 11 April: Students Last Day


Secondary Term Dates 
Monday 4 February – Wednesday 10 April

Thursday 4 April: Easter Assembly

April 8 – 11: Secondary School Camp

Wednesday 10 April – Students Last Day


Term 2 Begins Monday 29 April

Entertainment Books


Our Music Department is coordinating the sale of the Entertainment Books again this year, sales of which offset the Music Programme costs at Carey Harrisdale. 


Hard copy books will be available from 10 April or click here to purchase online.

Parent Volunteer Team


Are you skilled in areas of administration, finance, translation, or events? We have many opportunities at Carey for you to become involved and we invite you to join our new Community Relations Volunteer team! We have lots of exciting initiatives and events planned for the year ahead, and would welcome your help and involvement – whether it is for one event or on a more regular basis.


If you are interested or would like more information, please contact our Community Relations Officer, Miss Natalie Rose at


Author and Illustrator James Foley Visits Carey


On Tuesday 26 March, students in Years 1 to 3 spent some time with celebrated author and illustrator James Foley.

They heard about how he created books such as 'The Last Viking' and 'In The Lion' and were challenged to create their own pieces after seeing his earliest book, dating back to when he was in Primary School.

The workshop sessions were filled with energy, enthusiasm and a lot of laughter as our students were inspired to enjoy the creative process and use their imaginations.


This was an amazing initiative from our Library staff and we look forward to not only seeing James again in the future but also the visits from other authors later this year that they have planned for us!


Grandparents Day


This week, our Pre-Primary students had the opportunity to spend some quality time with their Grandparents and show them around their class. They performed songs, gave out gifts and shared a lovely afternoon tea together.

It was beautiful to see families together in the classroom and we'd love to thank all of our Pre-Primary teachers and staff for organising this.


Harmony Day


Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural Diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. The message of Harmony Day is ‘everyone belongs’ and the Day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster a sense of belonging for everyone


Last week our Primary School was ablaze with colour and incredible outfits and the students loved having the opportunity to participate in different activities, eat food and be a part of our special assembly which involved performance pieces including an amazing Bollywood dance piece!


It was amazing to see so many cultures and countries represented and reinforced to us how lucky we are to have such a multicultural school.


Many thanks to all of the staff and teachers who were involved in the creation and rehearsal of items for the Assembly and for all the work that went into organising and preparing for all the activities and fun that was had.


Year 6 Camp

The Year 6 students spent an amazing five days away last week on the sunny shores of Geographe Bay, Busselton. They participated in various activities which enabled the students to challenge themselves as well as learn more about each other, themselves and their relationship with God.


The student's favourite activities included: rafting in Geographe Bay, caving at Giant's Cave, the high ropes course and zip-lining at Forest Adventures and an Indigenous Cultural Experience at Cape Naturaliste. On the last night we had the much-anticipated Camp Concert with a 'nautical' theme where the children danced, sang, shared jokes and performed skits. We finished off the night with a dance party before bed. It certainly was a fun-filled week where many memories were made!


Mrs Melissa Lionnet – Year 6 Teacher


'Living Things' Walk – Year 2


On a recent 'Living Things' Walk, as students learnt about plant and animal life cycles, Charlie Horne from Class 2H captured this amazing image.


Tomato Sauce Bottles


We are collecting empty, clean sauce bottles for an upcoming Colour Run event in Term 2. If you have any clean 500ml bottles that you're willing to donate, please hand them into Primary Admin.


From the Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care

Why is it important for your child to arrive at school on time?


There are many benefits students gain from arriving on time to school and class.

Did you know?

• The likelihood of success in learning is strongly linked to strong participation in school programs which is linked to arriving on time.

• It makes sure that your child doesn’t miss out on the important learning activities that happen early in the day when they are most alert.
• Students feel part of a larger community and are able to welcome and feel welcome as they arrive at school.

• Arriving before their first class begins, helps students mentally prepare without rushing or worrying.

• Students able to consolidate their understanding of routines and commitment.

• Provides students with time to greet their friends before class which can reduce the possibility of disruptions in the classroom.

The Middle Years Students often spend the time before the beginning of the school day playing and socialising with their peers. It is a great way to build community and relationship and as staff we encourage this time.

Next term, we will be monitoring the patterns of lateness and working with families and students who are late to school on a regular basis.


Preparing for Camps and Conferences

The preparation for the Camps and the Day Conferences are well underway and each should be a fantastic experience for our students.  


Year 7 – with Mr Mc Namara and the team are heading down for an overnight camp at Nanga. This camp is about challenges, community and simply experiencing the Bush.

Year 8 – with Mrs Roberts and the team are having three days of fun, team building and developing great learning skills such as time management, resilience and self-respect. They'll also be getting to know our City with outings to Kings Park, Wanneroo Botanical Gardens and Scitech.

Year 9 – with Ms Bennett and the team are spending three days focusing on Community Matters (healthy community, self-worth and importance of peer supoprt and role models), with presentations from Plugged In, Men of REspect, Fram Initiatives and Please Like Me as well as a day at the Perth Zoo with links to the Science Curriculum. Ms Bennett has incorporated a Seminar based on the presentations the students have had, on the Monday evening for Parents.

Year 10 – with Mrs McElroy and the team, along with Mrs Shaw (VET co-ordinator) and Mrs Post (Careers) will have three days based around Careers and post-schooling options. Students will be visiting universities, exploring their strengths and interests, and will also have a day at the Ropes course at Dwellingup as well as workshops on self-defence and Coaching for Success.

Year 11 – with Mrs Rushby and the team will have three days focusing on contemporary issues of poverty and homelessness. They will hear from guest speakers from our own community including presentations from students involved in the Bali X-over 2018 and focus on Social Justice issues. They will also spend a day together developing an even closer year group bond with  a number of activities at Adventure World.

Year 12 – with Mr Scaddan and the team will be at Rottnest – with the theme of 'Writing Your Own Story.'  This is a significant and very highly valued time and has become a rite of passage for our Year 12 students. It is a great time balancing the serious with enjoying Rottnest.


The Year Managers and their teams have worked hard to make this time memorable and significant, age appropriate and I am sure they would appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers as they head into this week.



Dr Carolyn Montgomery – Assistant Principal (Pastoral Care)

Student Achievements


In April, one of our Year 10 students Caitlyn Templeman will be flying to Narellen in NSW to compete in the U15 National Hockey Championships. Caitlyn has been involved in state-level hockey for the past 3 years and has achieved great levels of success in a very short period of time. We're so proud of her achievements and wish Caitlyn and the rest of the U15 Hockey WA State Girls Gold team the best of luck as they compete!


Our Year 10 student James Toth is an accomplished soccer player and competes on various levels, in our school as well as in state and national teams. In 2018 James was selected to be a part of the Top 12 Australian team for an international competition where he was awarded the best scorer of the division. He has travelled both interstate and overseas, and had had a a very successful 2018, including competing at the Under 18 World Futsal Cup. We are looking forward to seeing all he accomplishes this year!


Cross Country and Colour Run

We had a record number of over 200 Secondary students compete in the Cross-Country Run at Champion Lakes. It was great to see such a big group willing to be involved and the camaraderie between the different years as they returned was very evident.

The King of the Lake this year was Year 11 Matthew Connon while the Queen Of the Lake was Year 10 Alyssa McKean. Both finished strongly with ‘plenty of fuel still in the tank’. Congratulations Matthew and Alyssa!


Colour Run

School ended on Tuesday in a blaze of colour – what began with white T-shirts ended with multi-coloured matching the coloured faces and hair. At one stage, there were approximately 600 students enjoying the run or walk through stations of coloured powder. Certainly one of highlights was to see our students enter into this event together in such a fun, friendly, and playful manner.  

Many staff joined the students and at the end of the day, staff and students were almost indistinguishable, covered in every colour imaginable.

This year, we raised funds for Cancer research and would like to thank all the students who contributed and also participated.


Hetty Verolme – Humanities Visit



On Friday 15 March, Hetty Verolme, a Holocaust survivor, spoke to Year 10 and 11 Humanities students about her experiences during what is considered by historians to be the most horrific of all wartime atrocities. Hetty is now 89 years old but was only a child when she and her family were forcibly removed from their home in Amsterdam and re-settled in a German concentration camp.

She spoke about the terror of hearing the hob-nailed boots of the Nazi soldiers marching through the streets and the fear that ran through households when their boots came to a deliberate stop outside a doorway which meant that family was doomed to be sent to the inhuman concentration camps. Most never returned.

Her descriptions of the atrocities that the Jewish people and other minority groups suffered at the hands of the Nazis sent a ripple of disbelief through the students listening intently to her. Hetty spoke to two groups of students and both were visibly captivated by her story of being sent to the Bergen- Belsen concentration camp in Germany at the age of 13.


“The conditions there were…well, you can hardly describe them," she said. More than 30,000 people perished around her before the British liberated the camp in 1945. Miraculously, Hetty and her family survived. “We were very lucky because my father, my mother, my two brothers and I came back to Amsterdam,” she said. “We were united from three different concentration camps.”


Hetty emigrated to Australia aged 24, where she has shared her story throughout the years. 
Her words had a significant impact on the young, impressionable students, and at the end of each address, she charged the students to tell her story of the Holocaust to their own children, lest they forget.

Thanks to Lyn Fryer: HOD – Carey iCentre, for arranging for Hetty to come and speak to our Secondary students.


Mr Craig Austin – Head of Humanities


Have Sum Fun


Recently, six of our students from Years 9 and 10 went to All Saints’ College to represent our school in the “Have Sum Fun” Mathematics Competition conducted by the Mathematical Association of Western Australia. The format of the evening was similar to that of a quiz night with students sitting at tables of six with about 40 teams present. There were four gruelling rounds of eight puzzles to be solved in 20 minutes each round.

Competing for our team were Jordy Littlewood-Johnson, Josiah Komakech and Judah Hunter from Year 10, and Darshannah Prabhakaran, Mhairi Doherty and Matteo Cascioli from Year 9 accompanied by Ms Marie and Mr Morgan (who were not allowed to help them). Our team did us proud, finishing in the top third of all participants.

It was an amazing sight to see over 250 teenagers gathering on a Friday night to solve Mathematical 

problems and there was a real buzz of excitement in the room. Our thanks go out to Javan Hughes from Year 11 who helped to coach the team during Monday lunchtimes and to MAWA for preparing and presenting the event. Thanks also to our wonderful team for their enthusiasm. They agreed that it was a most enjoyable evening and a wonderful experience.

In conclusion: “Too Much Maths is Never Enough!”

Mr Gary Morgan and Ms Helen Marie – Mathematics Department


Year 9 and 10 STEM Elective 


This term saw the introduction of STEM to Carey. STEM is an elective subject that student participate in for 2 hours a week and involves the use of science, technology, engineering and maths to problem solve, or construct an item to complete a task.


Year 10
The Year 10 students have been tasked to construct an electric limousine with limited instructions.
It involved both a knowledge and application of simple machines, electric circuits and friction. Students learnt through trial and error – coming across construction problems and then thinking about what exactly may be the cause of the problem and how it might be tackled through careful questioning or through the general content knowledge and understanding. A basic knowledge of an electronic steering system and gear boxes to vary speed are part of the course. Other skills included soldering, cutting with correct direction of force and use of a variety of tools.

Each lesson the students are keen to work on their project. Once the base model is constructed the students will think through how the design can be improved and they will be required to present on aspects of the vehicle design, including problems and solutions to design.


Year 9
During this term students have been mastering basic computer programming language and applying their knowledge to a software called Kodeklix. Each lesson involved a group project whereby students were given certain roles and tasks to complete the project successfully. Such roles included Materials officer, Technician, Secretary and Group Manager. Most recently, students have applied their coding and problem-solving skills to produce a solution based on a real-life application: Improving Output from Fans ‘Pitch Perfect’. In this challenge, students have had to create a sound system and compose the most interesting tune using coding language. They encountered/faced real life frustrations and have had to learn how to collaborate with other team members and personnel IT staff in order to complete the challenge.


Mr Peter Van Dam – Coordinator and Year 10 STEM and Mrs Evodia Groza – Year 9 STEM

Maths Ninja Challenge


On the 11th to the 22nd of March, our Year 7 and Year 8 students participated in the Australia Maths Ninja Challenge. Students across Australia were busy doing Mangahigh online to collect points in order to be crowned the ultimate Maths ninja school. Carey came 6th in the competition.


Congratulations to all our medalists for their excellent effort and enthusiasm in Maths.

Cooper A, Bailey B, Aidan D, Holly F, Noel J, Holly J, Hannah H, James S, Seth M, Anmol B, Jasmine J, Grace B, Samuel D, Jedazion F, Muskan W, Kushal B, Neel S, Makayla N
Tim E, Huldah N, Savanah R, Anupriya A, Rhys H, Madeleine C, Rachael C
Amani T, Chantelle P, Anthony L, Kaysha S, Julie M, Sumaiyah MS, Tyler L, Caleb H, Ella T, Thomas O, Raymond L, Madison O, Isabella K, Aman M, Jessica H

Mrs Windy Ramirez – Mathematics Teacher

Secondary Assistance Scheme – 2019 Student Allowances


Eligible parents/guardians with students enrolled in Years 7 to 12 studying a full-time secondary course at a WA non government school will be able to apply for the Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) in 2019. 


This scheme consists of two allowances – an Education Payment Allowance that is made to the school, and a Clothing Allowance that is given to the parent/guardian.


To claim, you must hold one of the following cards, valid for a period of no less than four weeks:

• Department of Human Services (Centrelink) Health Care Card

• Department of Human Services (Centrelink) Pensioner Concession Card

• Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card


For forms to apply, or more information, please visit the Accounts Department where our team would love to help you. 


Do you want to come to church? 


You are warmly invited to our Sunday service that's held right here in our Harrisdale auditorium, starting at 9:00am each week. There is a vibrant kids program as well, we'd love to see you.


If you need more information please feel free to ask at Reception or call the Church Office on 9394 9155 or email


Support for your young family


Parenting Support Services  |  Free for all families to access
Upcoming parenting topics are ideal for pre-school aged children and a FREE service to all local families. Bring your child along, no RSVP needed.


Community Nurse available for any parent queries!
Do you want your baby weighed, measured or some helpful advice? Pop in on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday between 9:00am and 3:00pm.

Located in the Carey Centre – 51 Wright Road, Harrisdale.

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