Volume 12, Issue 12
December, 2019
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Our favorite gifts are those of the coach-appreciation variety! And there is nothing coaches want more than for their leagues to tell them how much they mean by providing them with a CoachDeck for the upcoming season!

In this issue: ​​​​​​​Dave Weaver's first in a two-part series provides tremendous tips for coaching your catchers. Brian Gotta breaks down three approaches for managing players. And Dr. Gregory Dale contributes a tremendous piece coaches at every level will love.

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Blocking is the Easy Part (Part 1)
By Dave Weaver

It is common knowledge among youth baseball and softball coaches that the one play most responsible for scoring runs is not the blast over the fence or the shot in the gap; it’s the passed ball. Read Article
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Handling Kids Through Three Simple Approaches
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Have you ever known someone who seemed to be a “Born Coach”? There is a good chance they understood that, to varying degrees, all players have three “me’s” inside them. They are: Read Article
The Seven C's of Coaching Credibility
By Dr. Gregory Dale

Have you ever wondered why some coaches achieve so much success with their athletes and teams - winning and gaining everyone's respect along the way - while others continually fall short or struggle to get their teams or athletes to perform at a consistently high level? Read Article