F A I T H  C O V E N A N T  C H U R C H

Faith Family and Friends,

We hope you were able to join us online Sunday morning for worship. If you haven't had a chance yet, feel free to go to our website or our Facebook page and watch Sunday's worship celebration anytime this week.

These certainly are unique times. Last Thursday, I had a small group pray for me. They wanted to lay hands on me but we wanted to be safe so they laid elbows on me. As they prayed, it felt a little bony, but I felt loved. We are all making adjustments to our lifestyles. And remember, we are still called to be the hands and feet of Christ - or maybe the elbows and knees of Christ in times like this.

The recommended maximum size of gatherings mandated by the government and suggested for safety seems to be declining rapidly. What started at 500, 250 or 100 is now down to 50, 25 or 10. Understanding that is up to all of us to help "flatten the curve", we are asking all commissions, growth groups, small groups and other meetings to meet only virtually effective immediately through April 5, 2020. Exceptions are limited to the worship team on Sunday morning, the weekly staff meeting and the monthly Executive Committee meetings who will continue in-person meetings. Of course, anyone feeling sick should self-select to stay home. The end timing of this request will be revisited as we approach April 5 as the crisis unfolds.

In addition, we are in the process of putting together a team of 3 health professionals from FCC - the Coronavirus Advisory Team - to advise the Executive Committee and Church Board on the crisis as well as to advise the congregation. We have a web page on our website dedicated to the Coronavirus. We will continue to build this team and provide more information and help going forward.

We are praying for the world, for our leaders and for our congregation to safely navigate through this crisis. The Lord is sovereign. The Lord is sovereign.

If you have any questions about this or would like to discuss it further please feel free to contact us.

Mike Robison, Church Chair
Mike Rice, Lead Pastor

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