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Monergy Introduction
Monergy Workshop 

with Ute Arnold, MFA Body Psychotherapist

Date: Friday, April 27th 6:30p - 8:30p
Location: UNERGI Blue Bamboo Studio, Pt. Pleasant, PA
Registration: Register by sending email to Ute by clicking here
Limited to 20 people
Register by April 20th

This is an introduction to the concept of Monergy for those that are interested. Workshop will follow the day after. See below for description of workshop

~Monergy: Money & Energy Workshop~
with Ute Arnold, MFA Body Psychotherapist

Date: Saturday, April 28th 10:00a - 3:00p
Location: UNERGI Blue Bamboo Studio, Pt. Pleasant, PA
Fees: $66/person
Registration: Register at or send check to
Ute B Arnold, PO Box 335, Point Pleasant, PA-18950
Limited to 20 people
Register by April 20th

The MONERGY workshop shifts your perceptions about money and creates abundance. Seeing and experiencing Money as a form of Energy, “MONERGY” will provide an “AHA” as to how and where it gets ‘stuck’.
Body-Psychotherapist Ute Arnold will guide you in some outrageous money/energy games – both serious and hilarious – to release the flow of your wealth!! Filling your pockets with true altruistic behavior will create a powerful compassionate capitalism.

We will explore with the following:
• Identifying family patterns and belief systems about money
• Building a BODY container for true prosperity
• “It's Mine” games for holding on and letting go
• Writing money limericks to reprogram and free habitual brain responses
• Demystifying competition and participating in magical sharing experiments beyond the classroom...finding a CODE for simultaneous Giving AND Receiving
• Sensing, and appreciating the abundance in nature with reverence and awe

Building a Compassionate Learning Community
Our demanding times economically, socially, and ecologically are calling forth the best in us. This workshop is designed to awaken you to the “good news”: Our growing self-awareness brings us into the present where our body, mind, and feelings function most creatively and supportively.
We will explore together how to re-direct the habituated “job-description” of our belief systems and bridge those gaps between thinking, sensing, feeling, moving, seeing and acting that have kept us confused and ‘stuck’.

Ute will guide you to embrace a much larger picture of yourself. We invite you to join with us in a provocative and healing adventure, which participants find creates rippling effects in their relationships, in their communities, in their pocketbooks.

“So what did I learn from the weekend? Nothing, and yet everything. I didn't get answers there just AHAs; the community we created helped me to listen more carefully and trust more completely in the answers that were already within me. If pressed to evaluate the weekend, I would ask a simple question. Would I do it again? I would and we are. We have already made plans to attend the next retreat. I just wish it were sooner” … Sharon, workshop participant