Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May as a day to remember those who gave their lives while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The holiday was originally called Decoration Day and was established primarily to decorate the graves of those who died in the American Civil War – more American lives were lost in that war than all the previous wars combined.

Join in Nantucket's Memorial Day Parade on Monday,
May 26, 2019 @ 1:00 pm
The parade begins at the American Legion Hall and  winds through town past the Main Street Civil War memorial to Prospect Hill Cemetery, where there will be speakers and an observance.
Time to Grill!
The Dom's Sausage Co. was founded in 1936 by Domenic and Rose Botticelli 
with a modest dream: to make the best Sweet Italian sausage. 
We carry lots of varieties of Dom's like their Steakhouse marinated steak and chicken tips, lemon pepper chicken, original marinade and many others. These are super easy to prepare, simply fire up the grill, open the pack, and cook over medium heat until fork tender and delicious! 
BBQ Snacks Galore!
While your family is waiting for those burgers to be ready, put out a few bags of Keough's Mature Irish Cheese & Onion Potato Crisps which are hand cooked in small batches. The combination the sharpness of mature cheddar, the nuttiness of Swiss cheese and the bite of Parmesan, these chips are sure tide over the snackiest of guests!

Johnson's Popcorn has been going strong since 1940 and for good reason! Their portable tubs of airy, salty, sweet, & crunchy caramel is downright addictive and the perfect ending to any meal where continuing to play is the priority!
What about Drinks?
Navy Hill Tonic-
Our American-made premium mixers offer something unheard of in the cocktail industry: electrolytes. These natural potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium ions replace essential elements depleted when drinking alcohol, leaving you feeling more hydrated and refreshed.
New in the Market, San Pellegrino flavored
mineral water and low calorie fruit sodas
An intense citrus aroma with fine and elegant flavor, enhanced by refined bubbles that give a wonderfully fresh taste. Pair with light-flavored dishes such as your favorite shellfish, fresh greens, and seasonal fruit.
Momenti™ Pomegranate & Blackcurrant flavor’s fun fruity twist comes from the combination of real juices of exotic pomegranates and intense blackcurrants. It is the perfect added touch to fine carbonated water and is an ideal refreshment at any time of the day
Boston's favorite award-winning beer company, Night Shift Brewing is now available at Bartlett's! We begged, borrowed and stole to get these guys to start shipping to Nantucket, and now we have their super fresh, delicious beers by the arm load!
Rosé all Day!

Our rosé selection is chock full of beautiful varieties farmed responsibly from families who care about the land and what they add, or more importantly, what they don't add (stabilizers, colorants, tons of sulfites...) to their wines! Taste the difference!
How to carry out all those new found bottles? Easy! With our new 6 bottle tote, now FREE with the purchase of six bottles! As if you needed an excuse...
Brave the Beach with
New Toys, Cooler Bags and More!
News from our Kitchen
Our Deli will be taking a short break from offering custom sandwiches and daily lunch specials until after Labor Day, but custom breakfast sandwiches and specialty sandwiches will still be available all summer! 
Did Someone Say Lobster?
Lobster Dinners start this Friday!
4 pm to close nightly
(Mondays will be by pre-order only until week of June 9th)
1 ¼ lb Lobster with cracked claws, sweet corn on the cob, red bliss potatoes, & coleslaw,
served with drawn butter & grilled lemon
$31.99 each. $119.00 for 4
Don't feel like cooking this weekend? No problem! We have so many choices for salads, apps, entrees and more to help round out your Memorial Day festivities! Click the menu below for our full catering offerings!

Our new baked brie with brown sugar, & rum topping is so scrumptious, you might have a hard time sharing...
Time to Plant!
The threat of frost is finally over so now is the time to really get that garden going...

...not sure which type of garden
is right for your yard?

Read on for Pros and Cons of 18 Gardening Methods, will help you suss out which one will help you be successful!
A new shipment of veggies & herbs are arriving tomorrow including basil, thyme, oregano, tarragon, peppers, & cucumbers. Heirlooms, cherries, early varieties and more are available for tomatoes, plus we have Tomato-Tone, Garden Dust and other great plant helpers in our fertilizer department. 
Check out these cutie berry bushes that just arrived!
Thornless and easy to grow! Enjoy large, sweet berries from compact, upright plants. Decorative and edible, this dwarf blackberry and raspberry plants will even liven up your patio or entryway. We have blueberries too! Grows well in containers! 
Blooming Creations is Open!
 Bring out your empty window boxes and containers and let our creative and talented staff plant them for you
Geraniums have been popular with gardeners for generations.
These tough, full-sun plants will give you a big 'bang for your buck' as they bloom all summer with proper care.
Water when dry, feed every couple weeks (follow the label directions) pinch off the dead blossoms, and your window boxes and containers will look great for months. 
Who's Your Farmer? Get to Know our Staff

Aaron Kang, Cooler Stocker Supervisor
Back for his third season at the Farm is Aaron Kang.  Originally from Cork, Ireland, Aaron is attending University College Cork (UCC for those in the know) where he has earned a degree in Chemistry with Forensic Science and is currently working on his Masters in Analytical Chemistry.  When Aaron first arrived by ferry to Nantucket three summers ago, he was shocked to see the waves of strangers on the shoreline welcoming him to the island!  He was also captivated by the unexpected beauty of the Island, from the cobblestone streets and charming cottages, to the sailboats bobbing in the sea.  Aaron has been a force to be reckoned with as a Meat and Cooler Supervisor.  He has come back year after year and has been a solid leader in the coolers!  Every year he returns, he looks forward most to saying hello to old familiar faces and meeting new ones every day. Aaron loves cycling into work and seeing the fields full of crops as he rides by.  When he isn’t keeping our coolers and meats stocked and organized he enjoys cycling around the Island, finding new and mysterious places that can only be found here.  Aaron's fun fact is that he has traveled to 12 different countries, across 3 continents and has lived in 4 different countries.
Aaron’s return has been a welcome one as it has been every year!  He is an excellent worker and brings his work ethic into every task he is given!  We look forward to another season with Aaron rockin’ the coolers!
 Fresh Catch Hours
 Additional Location!
Fresh Catch has an additional location!
Be sure to visit them on the Farm AND at the former Glidden's Seafood, at 115 Pleasant Street!

 Fresh Catch at Bartlett's Farm
Tuesday through Sunday
9 AM-6 PM
The Registers have been Further Streamlined!
Only brought your credit card from the beach? Or just cash? We have made two of our cashier lanes Credit and Debit lanes! Our “Golden Girls”, also known as the Fastlanes, and the lane next to our wonderful wine and beer selection will take all forms of payment! We are ready to help everyone get back to vacation even faster than before! Be sure to look up as you approach the registers and find the lane that best suits you!  As always, our delightful Cashier and Farm Stand staff will be on hand ready to help whenever needed!
Are you a friend of the farm? Email to switch to emailed receipts! Bring her your clean, folded brown bags! We will happily take them! 
Save the Date
5.25-5.27- Figawi Race Weekend
5.26- Memorial Day Parade
6.5- Free Farm Tours Commence-
Wednesdays @ 10 am
6.13- Hours Change to 8-7 pm